Yoga inspiration

I tend to get my yoga inspiration from books rather than pictures. Sure I've viewed heaps of yoga online, but the things that have really moved me, resonated or struck a chord with me generally come from books. I've also had some inspiring teachers, but like books, they've pointed to things inside of me that I [...]

The spaces in between

I like to look to the spaces in between. I like to explore the gaps and fall into the cracks. The space in between words, the pause between songs, the brief moment when there is no noise, just silence and space. I look for moments of stillness. I like the transitions between yoga poses. I [...]

What is mindfulness?

Guest blog post by Dr Niamh Jensen, Clinical Psychologist   Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention. It is about being in the present moment and focusing your attention in an open, flexible and non-judgemental way. It does not just involve sustaining our attention, but also being able to deliberately shift our attention to [...]

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