Practical Anxiety Relief

Practical Anxiety Relief with Monica Rottmann Saturday 12 March 2pm-3.30pm $50 In this 90 min workshop, you will learn practical tools to manage stress and anxiety. Featuring: >> Gentle + beginner-friendly yoga poses >> Breathwork >> Guided relaxation >> Meditation You can expect to transition from tense, wound up, and stressed to feeling calm [...]

Yoga inspiration

I tend to get my yoga inspiration from books rather than pictures. Sure I've viewed heaps of yoga online, but the things that have really moved me, resonated or struck a chord with me generally come from books. I've also had some inspiring teachers, but like books, they've pointed to things inside of me that I [...]

The spaces in between

I like to look to the spaces in between. I like to explore the gaps and fall into the cracks. The space in between words, the pause between songs, the brief moment when there is no noise, just silence and space. I look for moments of stillness. I like the transitions between yoga poses. I [...]

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