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Relax your body

Calm your mind

Soothe your soul

Yoga classes for beginners, older people and gym-avoiders.

No mirrors, no selfies, no fancy clothes, or loud music.

Down to Earth yoga to calm your mind.


Beginner-friendly Yoga Classes

Yoga For Beginners

We help busy, stressed, and anxious people relax their bodies, soothe their nerves, and calm their minds so that they feel calm, confident, and back in control of their lives.

Our yoga classes are designed to relieve stress and anxiety, and they feature lots of breathwork and mindfulness.

Yes, you will get fit and flexible, but you will learn practical tools to manage anxiety and stress, heal the aches and pains, sleep better and feel more relaxed, calm and confident in yourself.

Beginners and older people aren’t intimated by our classes and we don’t have mirrors or take selfies in class.

We focus on the basics of yoga because it works.

If you feel uncomfortable in a gym environment or worry about whether you look the part, you will fit right into our friendly community.

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but felt too shy, awkward or out of place, we might just be the place you’ve been looking for.

And you can try 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes for just $50 to see if you like it.

We’re the only studio in Brisbane with daily Yin Yoga classes.

Learn to Meditate in Brisbane

Being calm makes us better at everything.

A calm mind makes life easier. We think better, are more creative, and make better decisions with a clear head.

Learning how to keep calm during uncertain times is the ultimate life hack that will give us the mental edge at work, create more connections in our relationships and helps us to feel better about ourselves.

The Meditation Habit is a 6 week online meditation course starting in November.

This course won’t just teach you to meditate. It will teach you how the mind works, how to calm it down, overcome resistance, and create habits that stick.

What makes this course different from apps and other courses are the live daily practice sessions.

Daily practice with support and accountability will help you embed your habit into your subconscious mind so that it will stick.

Because learning a new skill is one thing, making it a daily habit requires repetition, accountability and support.

Learn to meditate in Brisbane

Yoga Brisbane

Located in the suburb of East Brisbane, we are within walking distance of the Gabba with FREE parking.

We’re really accessible to people living in Kangaroo Point, West End, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, Annerley, Greenslopes, Coorparoo, Holland Park, Norman Park, Camp Hill, Morningside, Bulimba and Hawthorne.

Get 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for just $50

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