Better Boundaries

Better Boundaries Online Workshop with Monica Rottmann Saturday 4 December 3pm-4pm This workshop will be recorded if you can't attend live. $40 - Direct Debit Members save 20% (email us for the code). Boundaries are the secret to mental and emotional wellbeing, but many of us struggle to set and uphold them. Boundaries define [...]

Unwind the Psoas

SOLD OUT - email to go on the waitlist Unwind the Psoas with Monica Rottmann Good Friday 15 April 2pm-4.30pm $80 Direct Debit Members save 20% - email us for the code Discover the key to relaxation and experience the deep calm that results from a supple psoas muscle. Aggressive stretching only aggravates our psoas and [...]

Practical Anxiety Relief

Practical Anxiety Relief with Monica Rottmann Saturday 12 March 2pm-3.30pm $50 In this 90 min workshop, you will learn practical tools to manage stress and anxiety. Featuring: >> Gentle + beginner-friendly yoga poses >> Breathwork >> Guided relaxation >> Meditation You can expect to transition from tense, wound up, and stressed to feeling calm [...]

Breathwork and Trauma

Breathwork is gaining popularity as a way to bio-hack our nervous system. But, not all breathwork is suitable for people with trauma. What is trauma? Trauma is any event that overwhelmed our nervous system and our capacity to cope. What distinguishes trauma from stress is that when we're faced with a stressful situation, we go [...]

Relaxation Exercise

This is the relaxation exercise we do at our Relax and Meditate classes. It will help your body and mind relax. This audio is best listened to with headphones as it contains a background sound which is designed to stimulate Alpha Brainwaves, a relaxed mental state where the thoughts slow down.   Do [...]

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