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Welcome to Cultivate Calm Yoga Brisbane

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,

If you want a better way to manage stress and anxiety,

If you want to sleep better,

If your body feels old, creaky and painful,

If menopause is getting you down,

If you’re feeling lonely, disconnected or isolated,

then you’ve come to the right place.

Beginner's yoga Brisbane

If you want to

  • feel stronger and more flexible
  • boost your mood
  • feel calmer and more relaxed
  • think better
  • sleep better
  • be more present
  • feel more energised
  • improve your mental health and better handle your emotions
And you want
  • fewer aches and pain
  • less stress
  • less stiffness
  • less anxiety
  • better ways of coping with menopause
  • reduced isolation and loneliness

Then find out WHY we are Brisbane’s favourite yoga studio for beginners, older people and gym-phobes.

Get 3 weeks of Unlimited Yoga for just $77

Our clients sleep better, move better and feel better. They lose weight, they’re less anxious, and they feel calmer.

Just 2 to 3 classes per week will make you feel stronger, fitter, and calmer.

This new client trial is the best way to try us out and see if you like us. Come as often as you like over a 3-week period to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.
You have nothing to lose but stress and anxiety.

What’s included:

  • attend as many classes as you like in 3 weeks
  • free attendance at our Beginner’s Yoga Workshop
  • 1 free friend pass
  • yoga mats and equipment provided
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that if you attend 6 classes in your 3-week trial, and you’re not thinking and feeling better, you can repeat the trial for FREE.

Beginner's yoga Brisbane
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Our yoga classes focus on the BASICS (because it works)

  • We don’t have mirrors, nor do we take selfies in class because we’re more interested in how you feel.
  • We don’t have loud music, bright lights or fancy clothes either
  • Older people and beginners aren’t intimidated by our classes because we make them accessible and inclusive.
  • People who are stiff, tight and tense appreciate learning how to relax and release tension from their bodies.
  • Gym-avoiders and exercise-phobes are pleasantly surprised that our classes aren’t about pushing ourselves or “no pain, no gain” philosophy.
  • People who are stressed and anxious appreciate how our classes calm the mind.
  • Yoga lovers appreciate that we respect and honour the ancient roots of yoga while making it applicable to modern times.
  • People who feel isolated or lonely appreciate our down-to-earth community and the chance to connect with like-minded people.

About Cultivate Calm Yoga

Our style of is not just for the fit and flexible.

We focus on the foundations of yoga to help you align and strengthen your body, breathwork to soothe the nervous system and mindfulness to calm the mind.

Our classes are great for people with chronic pain or stiffness, stress and anxiety, menopause, as well as busy parents, athletes, and people who just can’t stand the gym.

We are located in a stunning heritage building in East Brisbane and offer daily Beginners and Yin Yoga classes.

Free street parking is available.


But I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.

You don’t need to be flexible to start yoga with us.

We don’t expect you to touch your toes – many of our clients can’t.

Flexibility is just a by-product of regular yoga.


I’m too old to do yoga

Most of our clients are over 50.

We have lots of clients in their 60s and 70s practising yoga with us.

Younger folk don’t really like us because we focus on the basics.


Only women do yoga

Men flock to our yoga classes because they’re beginner-friendly.

Men love that there’s no ego or competitive vibe at our studio.

Beginner's yoga brisbane

Beginner Yoga Brisbane review

Yoga for stress Brisbane

Yin Yoga Brisbane

If you’re all the way down here and still reading, what’s stopping you from joining?

We get it that starting something new can be intimidating.

We know that you might feel self-conscious.

We understand that you might not be very fit or flexible.

Our friendly community is diverse and caters to all shapes and sizes.

You don’t need to lose weight before you start yoga with us.

You don’t need to be flexible.

You don’t need to buy any equipment (we provide it).

You don’t need to learn the moves (we offer plenty of easy, gentle beginner’s classes).

You just need to start.

And we GUARANTEE that you will think and feel better during your 3 week Trial, or you can repeat the trial for free*.

You can also bring a friend along to your first class to make it less scary (contact us to arrange it).

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but stress and anxiety.