What we do

We teach you how to lower your stress and anxiety so that you can relax your body and calm your mind.

Our yoga and meditation classes have a real mental focus as we believe yoga is so much more than a stretch, it’s a tool to calm the mind.

Who we are

We’re an independent yoga studio that opened in 2013. The name of our studio reflects what we do, we teach you how to Cultivate Calm.

Our teachers are experienced in yoga and in life and together we have over 80 years of yoga teaching experience to share with you.

Our classes are popular because they are accessible to beginners and older people, we’re really good at what we do and our members keep coming back because it works.

Why Cultivate Calm Yoga?

The yoga we teach develops awareness and presence of mind.

And it’s this quality of awareness that has the calming effect on our mind and boosts our mental well-being.

People start yoga for fitness or flexibility but get hooked because of how it makes them feel mentally.

Yoga calms the mind.

We have helped thousands of people to become more relaxed, feel better in their body and cultivate calm in their busy mind.

Cultivate Calm with us

Start with our introductory 2 weeks of yoga for $50

To calm your mind we recommend 3 classes per week.

Not sure if we can help you? Give us a call 0406 476 950.

Monica Rottmann
Chief Relaxation Officer

cultivate calm yoga

Yoga Brisbane

I discovered the Cultivate Calm Yoga Studio at a dark time in my life. I felt broken down physically emotionally and mentally. But after a few months of coming a few times a week I began to notice the improvements in my life. Sure, the obvious benefits of being stronger and more flexible were there, but I also began to see the other benefits, I sleep better, I’m calmer and the things that used to be a problem just don’t seem to bother me anymore. Basically it makes all of my life easier.

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The thing that I cherish most about this beautiful studio is the focus on being present and at peace with yourself every time you step on to the yoga mat. Every session is a wonderful exercise for the mind just as much as it is a workout for the body; each time a practice in remaining calm and present even in challenging circumstances. With regular practice , I’ve found in times of stress and anxiety all I need is a deep breath to return to the peace of my yoga mat so that I can focus on the things that really matter. Highly recommended for anyone; even highly competitive and analytical types like myself.
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