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Our Why

The name of our studio reflects our intention. We’re not about image, we focus on improving how we feel on the inside. Fitness, flexibility, strength and balance will just be side-effects of a regular yoga practice.

Yoga is a practice for the mind, we just happen to use the body and breath as tools to calm the mind.

Many people start yoga for fitness or flexibility but get hooked because of how it makes them feel mentally. Yoga gives us a feeling of mental space, a sense of mental freedom, it gives us a break from being busy, stressed and anxious.

We have created a space where you can be yourself, away from your responsibilities, commitments and obligations. A place where you can just be with your Self.

In this space, we encourage you to reconnect with your body, to feel. We help you to realise when you are stuck in your head and need to calm down.

We help you to become more aware of your body, your breath, your thoughts and your Self.

Why is this important? Self-awareness is the true gift of yoga and it’s only through awareness that transformation is possible.

For us at Cultivate Calm Yoga, we believe yoga to be far more than a physical practice, we view it as an exercise for your mind, body and spirit.

We believe that there is an alternative to being busy, stressed, tense and anxious and we can teach you how to cultivate calm.

Monica Rottmann,
Chief Relaxation Officer

Yoga Brisbane

I discovered the Cultivate Calm Yoga Studio at a dark time in my life. I felt broken down physically emotionally and mentally. But after a few months of coming a few times a week I began to notice the improvements in my life. Sure, the obvious benefits of being stronger and more flexible were there, but I also began to see the other benefits, I sleep better, I’m calmer and the things that used to be a problem just don’t seem to bother me anymore. Basically it makes all of my life easier.
The thing that I cherish most about this beautiful studio is the focus on being present and at peace with yourself every time you step on to the yoga mat. Every session is a wonderful exercise for the mind just as much as it is a workout for the body; each time a practice in remaining calm and present even in challenging circumstances. With regular practice , I’ve found in times of stress and anxiety all I need is a deep breath to return to the peace of my yoga mat so that I can focus on the things that really matter. Highly recommended for anyone; even highly competitive and analytical types like myself.
Cultivate Calm Yoga what a different name for a studio I thought when starting. Today eight months later it is making sense. I am cultivating good practice. Feeling calmer in my everday life and loving yoga more and more after each visit. Thus thank you Monica & Team for making my yoga experience a wonderful one with your supportive guidance.

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