Beginner's Yoga Brisbane

Beginner’s Yoga Brisbane

Nervous about starting yoga?

You’re in the right place. We’re a yoga studio for beginners.

We know that your first yoga class can be scary, you can’t touch your toes, you don’t know the moves, you don’t have a yoga mat and you’re not sure what to wear.

Don’t let fear hold you back, we have loads of beginner-friendly yoga classes. And, there’s plenty of newbies in our classes too so you won’t be the odd one out.

If you’re older, out of shape or lack confidence in your body you won’t be intimidated by our beginner’s classes because we make them easier and slower and take the time to explain how to do the poses.

Imagine feeling stronger, more flexible and having a calm mind?

That can be you in a few months time.

You just need to start.

Which yoga class is for me?

Both the Vinyasa Basics and Yin yoga classes are beginner-friendly but there’s a big difference between them…

Do you want a gentle and relaxing class without working up a sweat? Try Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is done seated or lying down. We hold the stretches for several minutes, which is great for flexibility and releasing tension. This class is for flexibility, managing stress and calming the mind.

Want to develop fitness, strength and flexibility? Try Vinyasa Yoga.

The Vinyasa Basics class is an active yoga class featuring traditional standing and seated poses as well as sun salutations. It’s slower and easier than a regular Vinyasa class and has more alignment cues, so you can be sure you’re doing it right.

We offer daily Yin Yoga and Beginner-friendly yoga classes, so if you’ve been thinking about doing something for your mind and body, try your first 3 weeks of yoga for $77

Beginner’s Yoga FAQs

Your first 3 weeks of yoga are only $77.

A single session is $45

View all class passes


We know that gyms and other fitness places do free trial classes but we don’t.

What we offer is quality yoga and quality isn’t free. 

You get what you pay for and our instructors are highly qualified, our studio is beautiful and well-equipped and has a huge variety of classes.


It’s just weird.

There’s plenty of yoga on YouTube so you can see what it looks like.

We recommend booking to avoid being turned away if a class is fully booked.

Popular classes book out a week in advance.

You can only book a class if you have a current membership, otherwise, you will need to purchase a membership.

You can book online via the timetable page.

Select the class you want to attend and click ‘book’. You will be required to log in or create an account.

  1. Go to the timetable and click on a class you want to attend
  2. Select book
  3. You will need to create an account
  4. You will be prompted to purchase a yoga pass (you can’t book without a valid pass)
  5. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking


Go to the timetable page, select the class you had booked and click ‘cancel’.

We apply a late cancellation fee of $10 if you don’t provide 2hrs notice of cancellation.


You can use ours or you can bring your own.

Yes, but not for the reason you might think.

The average yoga class doesn’t burn that many calories so if you just want to burn calories, you’re better off at the gym.

The way yoga works is by lowering our stress levels which in turn lowers our stress hormones which means we don’t hold onto excess weight. When we have high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, we are prone to overeating, we crave sugar and fatty foods and we tend to gain weight around the middle. And even if you burn heaps of calories at the gym, this weight won’t shift unless you reduce your stress levels.

Yoga teaches people how to calm their nervous system and relax their body and mind. Being calm and relaxed improves digestion and sleep and we’re more likely to make healthier food choices.

People do lose weight with yoga but it’s slow and steady rather than a quick fix.

Instant results don’t last and lasting results aren’t instant.

Absolutely. We have all shapes and sizes in our yoga classes and everyone is welcome.

Since we are a studio that attracts a lot of older people and beginners, you won’t be intimidated by how everyone looks.

In fact, you’ll probably fit right in.

It varies, usually 10-20% of the class are men.

Free street parking is available on Stanley Street East, Withington Street and Disdbury Streets.

Please respect our neighbours and avoid blocking their driveways.


We are located upstairs from the Chinese Kung Fu at 963 Stanley Street East in East Brisbane.


We can only accept 25 people per class and popular classes book out days in advance.

Women usually wear tights and a tshirt or singlet. If you wear shorts just be mindful of how much coverage they offer when your legs are open.

Men usually wear shorts and a tshirt or singlet.

Yoga is done barefoot.

If you had a regular yoga practice before getting pregnant, then you can continue that practice with modification.

If you haven’t done any yoga before, we recommend specialised Pregnancy Yoga (at Inna Bliss, Stretch Yoga or One Family Yoga).

We don’t recommend practising Vinyasa Yoga in your first trimester but Yin Yoga is fine.

If you continue with your practice please discuss modifications with your yoga teacher.

We don’t offer children’s yoga, we aren’t insured to teach children and we don’t have Blue Cards.

If your child is over 16 they are welcome to attend a vinyasa class. Our Yin Yoga and Meditation classes are 18+.

For children’s and family yoga we recommend One Family Yoga, Stretch Yoga or Inna Bliss Yoga.

Yes, we have lots of couples who practice yoga together.

Bear in mind though that if you force someone to come to yoga they probably won’t like it.

The better way is to convince them by role-modeling the benefits of yoga yourself.

Make sure you have the all clear from your healthcare practitioner.

We are able to cater to many people’s needs. If you have concerns about whether yoga will be right for you, call us or email and we can chat about your needs.

In general though if you can get up and down stairs, if you can sit on the floor and get up again, if you can kneel on all fours, if you can bend over and you have the all clear from your Dr, we should be able to help you.

I depends…

If you just want the occasional stretch, then once a week is fine.

If you want to lose weight, get fit, develop flexibility, improve your energy, sleep better, improve your mental and emotional health then ideally practice 3 times per week or more.

The more often you practice, the sooner you’ll get the results you’re seeking. Also, the calming and relaxing effect of yoga will wear off pretty quickly if you don’t practice several times a week.

If you’re seeking a change, you have to change your routines and that might include finding some more time for yourself to practice at home or in the studio.

It takes more than a few yoga classes here and there to make a difference to our physical and mental health.

Want to know more? Check out our beginner’s yoga blogs

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