No-no’s for newbies – a guide to yoga etiquette

There are just certain things you don't do like texting during a job interview, using the toilet at an open house, eating someone else's food from the office fridge and wearing shoes in yoga. At Cultivate Calm, we love introducing yoga to beginners. But just like life, yoga has its own etiquette. We want you [...]

Top tips for yoga newbies

We all have to start somewhere. Everyone remembers their first awkward yoga class where you are just trying to figure out your left from your right, what the strange pose names are and where you're meant to put your feet. It generally takes about five yoga classes to get the hang of it and not [...]

My first (awkward) yoga class

I went to my first yoga class when I moved into a house with a yoga studio at the end of my street. I joined one of their introductory offers and my first class was a beginner class. I was excited to be doing something good for myself and also a little more than curious [...]

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