Brisbane Yoga Scholarships

Yoga and Meditation can be a safe haven to piece ourselves back together when things have fallen apart.

But when people have fallen on hard times and when they’re most in need of yoga, it can be out of reach financially.

This is why we created our Scholarship Program, which is 3 months of unlimited yoga at our studio, for those people who need a hand up.

If money is tight,

If you’ve fallen on hard times,

If your mind is unkind to you,

If you have a health problem,

If you’re stuck in a mental rut,

If you just need a sign that things are going to turn around, then apply for a free Yoga Scholarship.


We’ll keep your application private and confidential.

Our yoga scholarships are how we support our community and give back:

⭐️ Like the single Mum of 3 who’s rebuilding her life after divorce.

⭐️ Like the woman who stopped working to care for her elderly parents.

⭐️ Like the young guy who got fired from his job and fell into a depression

⭐️ Like the widow who’s now the sole breadwinner and needs to keep calm for her kid’s sake.

Our scholarships help people to calm their minds and clear their heads so they can figure out the next steps in their lives.

They also remind recipients that they’re not alone, that their community cares and that a kind deed can have a ripple effect.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a scholarship, email us at

If you’re holding off applying because you think others have it worse or that you don’t deserve it, please apply.

You DO deserve support. We all do.

Please like, share and comment so we can reach more people.

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