Practical Anxiety Relief

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Practical Anxiety Relief
with Monica Rottmann

Saturday 12 March

In this 90 min workshop, you will learn practical tools to manage stress and anxiety.


>> Gentle + beginner-friendly yoga poses

>> Breathwork

>> Guided relaxation

>> Meditation

You can expect to transition from tense, wound up, and stressed to feeling calm and in control.


What previous students say about this workshop:


“Hi Monica,

I wanted to let you know that I signed up for the Practical Anxiety Relief Workshop in an effort to get my daughter to do the workshop with me. She’s 21 and has been really struggling with anxiety, has been seeing the GP and a psychologist, started on meds, changed to another med, has an upcoming psychiatrist appt etc. I wondered if she’d participate at all, her anxiety has been so limiting.

The way you managed the workshop, telling people it was okay to feel restless, to go ahead and wriggle, that the mind would wander and that was normal, etc, was just magic. My daughter stayed the whole time, following along.

At the end, she was smiling and seemed so much calmer. She loved what you said about the Higher Self, and she really enjoyed the pose reclining back over the bolster – said she could feel herself unwinding. I’ve reaffirmed with her what you said about regular practice of the poses and breathing.

Many thanks again and best wishes,


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