Menopause Sucks – Yoga Helps

Yoga for Menopause

Hi Friend,

You’re not crazy; it’s menopause.

If you’re scrolling your phone at 3 am because you can’t sleep or your sheets are soaked with sweat from your hot flush,

You lose your train of thought mid-sentence and can’t think straight,

Your body is doing weird things, like growing ear hair or getting pimples again,

You’re angry, moody and have lost your patience,

you’re not alone.

What makes menopause worse

Stress can make menopause symptoms feel a whole lot worse.

This is because high cortisol levels (our stress hormones) deplete whatever natural progesterone we have left. And progesterone is the hormone that keeps us calm and relaxed.

When we have high stress and high cortisol, it exacerbates all our menopause symptoms.

It makes insomnia worse

It makes the mood swings, and anxiety worse

It makes the hot flushes worse

And high cortisol causes us to gain weight even if we eat like a saint and go to the gym.

Lowering our stress levels can help make the menopause ride a little easier.

Shitty timing

One of the things that really sucks about menopause is that it often coincides with changes at work and within our relationships.

We might be climbing the corporate ladder or growing our businesses and then struck with “the dumb” or embarrassing hot flushes.

We might be dealing with kids or older parents who need our help.

Our relationship might be going through a rough patch as we’ve lost the spark, don’t feel like doing it, or are thinking of leaving.

It’s a lot to deal with and then comes the unpredictability of menopause and the sense of feeling out of control and misunderstood.

Shitty moods

If the physical changes weren’t bad enough, our mood and state of mind can take a dive.

We used to be happy, confident and positive, and now we’re like a moody teen with bills to pay.

Many women experience anxiety and depression for the first time. We can also feel exhausted and burned out from our work and caring responsibilities, and no one gives a shit when we say we’re exhausted.

Menopause sucks – we can help.

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably feeling a bit shit. And while there’s no magic fix, lowering our stress and calming our minds will help us think and feel better, and that’s where yoga comes in.

Lowering our cortisol is the key to navigating menopause, so hard-core exercises like running, CrossFit or intense gym sessions won’t cut it anymore. These increase our cortisol, causing us to gain weight, ruin our sleep and increase stress and anxiety.

Less intense exercise will help keep us fit while lowering our stress, and that’s where yoga comes in.

Yin Yoga for Menopause

Yin yoga is fantastic for menopause. It releases chronic muscle tension, eases joint pain while calming the nervous system and lowering our stress. The poses are gentle, and you won’t work up a sweat (phew).

Our East Brisbane yoga studio offers gentle yoga that’s perfect for menopause. You don’t have to worry about looking the part if you’ve gained weight, as most of our clients are menopausal.

We don’t have mirrors, we don’t take selfies, and it’s not full of posers.

There’s no Botox or boobjobs and you don’t need to wear make-up or Lululemons to fit in.

Our studio is for women who want to calm down, feel good in their bodies and take a break from their busy lives. And our yoga classes are beginner-friendly and perfect for menopause (we’re airconditioned as our clients want).

And you can get 3 weeks of unlimited yoga for just $77 to try us out and see if you like it (a single session is $45).

So, ladies, if you’re battling menopause like a warrior (which you totally are), don’t underestimate the power of yoga. It’s like a secret weapon against the madness.

You can wear your trackies and an old T-shirt, you can borrow our equipment, you just need to start.

Menopause sucks. We can help you find peace of mind, manage your bad moods, sleep better and feel more in control of menopause.

Yoga for menopause Brisbane