About our Yoga Teachers

Brisbane’s best yoga teachers

Suzie O’Connor

Favourite Pose? Tough question – Constructive Rest Pos with some deep conscious breathing is my favourite pose to unwind after a busy day, it’s like a calming balm for my body and mind. Because I [...]

Renae Stevens

Favourite Pose? Gomukhasana -  from the Sanskrit words Gow (गो, Go) meaning "cow", Mukha (मुख, mukha) meaning "face" or “mouth”. This pose is miraculous for my hips and sacral iliac joint. Why did you start doing yoga? When I was 18 [...]

Nicole Sanders

Favourite Pose? Triangle pose – trikonasana. It's an incredible release in the chest, upper back and shoulders.  And an awesome stretch for the thighs and hips. I especially love the feeling of opening up my [...]

Ruth Warren

Favourite pose? At the moment it is Ardha Chandrasana (Half moon pose). It has taken me a while to achieve some balance poses, and this one has taught me how to go slower, focus and [...]

Katie Thomson

Favourite pose? Surya Namaskar (Salute to the Sun).  Just three rounds is enough to make your day brighter! Why did you start doing yoga? To make new friends!  I had just moved to Samoa in [...]

Cat Pham

Favourite pose At the moment, legs up the wall is my go-to pose to release tension in my legs and lower back after a long day. It helps me to unwind and is gentle on [...]

Heather Kinang

Favourite pose? Handstand, because I struggled with it for so long. Overcoming the fear factor, overcoming the feelings of being inadequate etc.  Why did you start yoga? I did my first yoga class when I [...]

Dee Hughes

Favourite pose? Savasana because it was one of my most challenging to enjoy being still and quiet. Why did you start yoga? I suffered for many, many years with a chronic debilitating illness and yoga [...]

Nic Matthews

Favourite pose Resting squat (malasana)- great for the hips, low back, ankles and digestive system and can be done anywhere. Why did you start doing yoga? I started doing yoga for stress relief and to [...]

Eliza Gill

Favourite pose Tough question and I'm tempted to say my favourite poses are the poses that I find the most difficult as they very quickly and obviously point out the lessons I need learn - straight [...]

Monica Rottmann

Favourite pose Natarajasana (Dancer's pose) - I love the feeling of being in equilibrium - finding the perfect balance. Why did you start doing yoga? I suffered from chronic tension headaches and was a stress [...]