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Nobody ever talks about the part where we are no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly — that stage where it’s too painful to stay the same but terrifying to change.

Yoga used to feel good. Now it brings up all our emotions. We have a perception that the journey of yoga is love, light and bliss, but the truth is often different. There is darkness in our yoga journey, and at times it can feel painful. We’ve awoken something uncomfortable, and we lack the tools to navigate the discomfort. We ignore and suppress those feelings, but they won’t go away.

For the caterpillar to transform into the butterfly, it must go into the darkness of the cocoon. There’s no going back, and the way forward is uncertain.

Yoga Alchemy will guide you through the unknown emotional terrain. Discover the tools to do the deep internal work to create the inner transformation. In the darkness of your cocoon, you will alchemise your emotions and relationship to yourself. You will emerge from the cocoon with wisdom and grace and a different relationship to yourself.

The old ways no longer work, you hear the call, you feel the restlessness in your soul, but you can’t see the path ahead clearly.

Transformation is a process to transmute our shadow and darkness into light.

Transformation isn’t adding something new to our spiritual repertoire. Nor is it removing the old. Transformation occurs when our understanding of our self and our reality changes.

Are you ready to grow your wings and connect with something more?

It all starts here.

The map for the journey ahead will be REVEALED to you.

  • uncover the ancient philosophy of yoga
  • delve into the different aspects of the mind
  • expose the causes of suffering
  • explore the layers that cover the soul
  • cultivate a meditation practice
  • unmask your true nature.

This module lays the foundational philosophy and practices for the inner journey ahead. This is the map we will follow into our cocoon.

AWAKEN the hidden depths of your subconscious mind.

  • thaw emotional numbness
  • tend to the emotional wounds and pain body
  • express and release stagnant emotions
  • reclaim the disowned parts of the self.

This module is where we go deep into our emotional body and give ourselves permission to feel the emotions we’ve been suppressing.

Awaken locates the inherent wisdom that’s buried in our subconscious and seeks to bring it to the light for healing.

The emotions and desires that we suppress will continue to be presented to us as lessons and challenges. These struggles illuminate what we have hidden, the unwanted aspects of our selves.

TRANSFORM is where we integrate these splintered aspects of ourselves to become whole. When our conscious mind and subconscious minds are congruent, we’re free to pursue our own fate.

  • align the conscious and subconscious minds
  • illuminate the shadow
  • transform wounds into wisdom and grace
  • elevate our conscious awareness

This is where we end the war with ourselves and make peace with our heart, mind and and spirit.

No one ever warns you about the emotional stuff in yoga. And when the emotions begin to rise to the surface, it can hit hard and out of the blue.

It did for me anyway.

My body loved yoga. My mind enjoyed meditation, but I lacked the tools to navigate my emotions.

Yoga teachers would tell me to keep practising as if pigeon pose would resolve my emotional issues.

Meditation teachers would tell me to watch and observe my emotions with detachment. I did that for years, and nothing changed.

New age teachers would talk about good vibes only, positive thinking and affirmations, but that just felt like avoidance to me.

Too many ‘spiritual practices’ treat feelings and emotions as problems to be overcome or transcended. They bypass feelings, leaving them unresolved, and for me, these approaches created a deeper rift between my mind and my emotions.

I found a better way when I started practising feminine spirituality. Rather than ignoring, suppressing and bypassing, I found healing through feeling, acknowledging and listening to my emotions.

It wasn’t until I went deep into my subconscious mind and explored my emotional layers with curiosity and acceptance did things change for me. When I finally faced all the emotions that I had suppressed and made friends with the parts of myself I had disowned, I was able to heal and transform.

My intention for Yoga Alchemy is to guide other seekers on this inner journey. Everything I teach I have applied to myself.

Monica xx

Cultivating a meditation practice

Healing anxiety from the root

Building emotional awareness, sensitivity and acceptance

Healing the emotional trauma that’s been holding you back

Congruency between your conscious and subconscious mind

Ending the war with yourself

Finding the courage and freedom to live your life on purpose

Transforming your wounds into wisdom and grace.

Yoga Alchemy is a seven month transformational coaching program.

A unique program for spiritual and personal development.

It’s not a yoga teacher training; there’s no certificate to be gained. Yoga Alchemy will bring more depth, authenticity and confidence to your teaching.

This isn’t about the physical yoga poses, so there’s no expectation that you will have an advanced yoga practice. The only pre-requisite is that you have been practising yoga regularly for at least six months.

Yoga Alchemy is the inner journey to answer the call of your soul.

Yoga Alchemy is healing from the inside where we get to the root cause of anxiety, unease and inner turmoil.

It is deep inner work and is not for the dabblers or feint-hearted.

The result will be a change in your perception of yourself and reality.

When we address our underlying emotions, our head and heart align. When we’re aligned, lasting change and transformation are possible. You will get the tools, coaching and support to do the deep internal work to align your heart, mind and soul.
Yoga Alchemy transforms our wounds into wisdom and grace.

This Program is for you if:

  • you have been practising yoga for at least 6 months
  • you are seeking healing and personal growth
  • you are a yoga teacher seeking more depth
  • you are willing to do the deep inner work
  • you are willing to take radical personal responsibility for your life

This Program is not for you if:

  • you don’t have a regular yoga practice
  • you’re looking for a quick fix
  • you’re not interested in the emotional and mental realms of yoga
  • you’re seeking ‘good vibes only’ and not willing to look at your shadow
  • you don’t take responsibility for your life or you blame others
  • your not willing to invest in your healing

What you get

  • 7 month cocoon to guide you through the transformation process with consistent support and coaching from me

  • 3 live workshops at the studio

  • 13 group coaching calls (online)

  • 13 detailed workbooks to apply the lessons and practices

  • 26 weekly Alchemy Lab practice sessions at the studio

  • 3 private 60 min coaching sessions

  • Access to private Facebook group for extra support

  • Access to our Alchemy Alumni

The Workshops

The 2021 weekend events held at Cultivate Calm Yoga Studio in East Brisbane. Approximate times are Friday nights 6-9pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10am-2pm.

Dates to be confirmed.

The Group Coaching Calls

Fortnightly group coaching calls Tuesday nights 6.30pm-8.30pm. These will be online using Zoom (an online meeting tool).
Calls will be recorded if you’re unavailable.

These group calls will go deep into the theory and philosophy lessons. You will have practical exercises to apply these lessons to your life.

Alchemy Lab

In addition to the workshops and online coaching there will be weekly group practice sessions at the studio. These are optional and it is recommended to attend at least once per fortnight.

Thursdays 8-9pm, Saturdays 10-11am, Sundays 12-1pm

Alchemy Lab is where we ‘experiment’ with the tools and techniques. Alchemy Lab will be movement and meditation based physical practices.

Private Coaching Calls

3 x 60 min private online coaching sessions.

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