Yoga Alchemy

Why our self-talk matters

Our self-talk is an indicator of our relationship with ourselves. Our internal dialogue and repeating thoughts affect how we feel. Negative self-talk, self-judgement and criticism make us feel terrible. People have this mistaken belief that if they criticise themselves enough, they will improve. This is NEVER the case. Criticism never leads to improvement. It just [...]

Why we find it hard to calm down

When we get stressed or triggered, our nervous system goes into fight or flight mode. And this affects our brain and thinking. The calm part of our brain that’s responsible for rational thinking shuts down when we’re in fight or flight. This is why we can’t think clearly, our thoughts become negative and our mind [...]

How our Nervous System affects our State of Mind

There is a close relationship between the state of our nervous system and our state of mind. When our nervous system feels unsafe, our brain automatically becomes more anxious as the fear centre of the brain (amygdala) takes over. When we’re stressed our thoughts are automatically more negative, impulsive and focused on worst-case scenarios. Trying [...]

Overcoming the Odds and the birth of Yoga Alchemy

Recently I won Bronze in the AusMumpreneur Awards for Overcoming the Odds. I shared my story of thriving after adversity and turning my wounds into wisdom. Shortly after my birthday in 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was already in a dark place as my Dad was dying and my marriage had just [...]

The Personality Type Most Prone to Burnout

As a recovering stress junkie, I know first-hand how burnout feels. It's a horrible combination of complete physical exhaustion with an over-stimulated mind. The phrase tired and wired sums it up. Our mind is in overdrive and unable to stop while our body is begging us to slow down and rest. Burnout is usually the [...]

Why we need to ditch the self-criticism

I used to believe that being hard on myself was a good thing and that criticising myself would make me better. Yet we know how we feel when a friend criticises us, we contact, shut down or get defensive. Or we ruminate for days on end. Unless the criticism is constructive and said to highlight [...]

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