Our self-talk is an indicator of our relationship with ourselves.

Our internal dialogue and repeating thoughts affect how we feel.

Negative self-talk, self-judgement and criticism make us feel terrible.

People have this mistaken belief that if they criticise themselves enough, they will improve.

This is NEVER the case.

Criticism never leads to improvement. It just keeps us stuck in shame which is immobilising.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation for ALL of our relationships.

If we can’t love and accept ourselves, we will have difficulty believing that others will love and accept us.

Healing our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for all deep healing.

Healing starts and ends with us. 💫

Life is too short to be at war with ourselves.


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If you want to end the war with yourself

If you want to turn your wounds into wisdom

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Art by @oszvaldnoell