Why we find it hard to calm down

When we get stressed or triggered, our nervous system goes into fight or flight mode. And this affects our brain and thinking. The calm part of our brain that’s responsible for rational thinking shuts down when we’re in fight or flight. This is why we can’t think clearly, our thoughts become negative and our mind [...]

Calm Mind – 5 Day Meditation Challenge

Calm Mind - 5 Day Meditation Challenge with Monica Rottmann FREE and ONLINE Monday 10 January  - Friday 14 January 6.30am - 7am every morning on zoom This is a live event to teach you to meditate, practice in a group and build a habit with support and accountability. BONUS - if you attend [...]

Relaxation Exercise

This is the relaxation exercise we do at our Relax and Meditate classes. It will help your body and mind relax. This audio is best listened to with headphones as it contains a background sound which is designed to stimulate Alpha Brainwaves, a relaxed mental state where the thoughts slow down.   Do [...]

Compassion Meditation

While compassion is the foundation of many religions, it's also beneficial for our physical, emotional and mental health. Compassion is proven to lower our stress levels, improve positive emotions and induce Alpha brainwaves to relax the mind. In this short video, Monica explains the benefits of compassion and how it can make us feel better. [...]

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