I used to be a super-sleeper. I could sleep anywhere, anytime. On the weekends I would sleep in until 10, 11, even midday if I felt like it. There was nothing better than a solid 10-12 hours of sleep when I needed it.

As I got older, I lost my sleeping prowess. As much as I wanted to sleep in on the weekends, I was waking up at 6. Even though I went to bed at a reasonable time, I was unable to get to sleep. I was even waking up regularly though the night.

All of a sudden, one of my favourite things to do became a bit of a chore. I woke feeling tired and didn’t look forward to going to bed because of all the tossing and turning.

We all go through stressful periods in our life and for me, my sleep is the first thing that suffers when I’m stressed. Even though it might be nice to knock yourself out with a sleeping tablet to get a good night’s sleep – it’s not the answer.

These strict sleep hygiene rules can help:

–          No screen time one hour before bed

–          No electronic devices in the bedroom

–          No caffeine after 2pm

–          No heavy meals or chocolate three hours before bed

–          Bed is only for sleeping and sex

–          Get up and do something if you can’t sleep

But if you’re stressed, you really need to address the root of the problem.

During times of chronic insomnia I’ve found these poses to be particularly helpful. They also give me some quiet time before bed to contemplate and meditate on what’s causing me stress and how I can better respond to it.

  1. Legs up the wall
    Yoga poses for sleep

    Legs up the wall

Let the blood and lymphatic fluid drain from your legs. Relieve tired legs and feet and take the pressure off your cardiovascular system. Rest your hands on your belly and just feel the rise and fall of your breath. Do this for at least five minutes.


  1. Child’s pose