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Ella Shewring

  Favourite pose? A supported bridge (bridge with a block under the hips). Such a juicy and restorative release for the front of the hips and lower back, and it’s great for everyone, those who are often sitting for long periods and also for those who are really active! Why did you start doing yoga? [...]

Samuel Turner

Favourite pose? For Pilates "Rolling like a ball". A movement that always puts a smile on my face and have a laugh with. For Yoga, Warrior ll, there is a lot going on and finding the push-pull of ease and effort also helps me to connect with the body. Why did you start Pilates? A [...]

Sarah Tate

  Favourite pose? At the moment my go-to poses are Downward Dog and Constructive Rest. At least one Down Dog a day keeps everything feeling great and Constructive rest is easeful and relaxing. Why did you start Yoga? I wanted to find a form of exercise I would enjoy and then realised it helped me be [...]

The Hidden Cause of Muscle Tension

People often ask me the best yoga pose for a stiff neck, sore back, or tight shoulders. But chronic muscle tension is not caused by a lack of stretching. The real cause of muscle tension is stress, and that stress is often emotional. Every time we bottle up our anger, we suppress our resentment, or [...]

The Happiness Trap

Have you ever noticed that the more we strive for happiness, the more miserable we are? Or that when we try to think only positive thoughts, we become acutely aware of our negative thoughts? It seems that our effort to pursue happiness only make happiness more elusive. This phenomenon is known as the Happiness Trap [...]

Satya Lynn

Favourite pose Sukhasana (easy pose) for meditation :) Why did you start doing yoga? My mother began her yoga journey when she was pregnant with me in the 1980s (we often chat about who wanted to be a yogi, myself, my mother, or both of us!). In my twenties, I felt guided to invest more [...]

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