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Tight shoulders? Try this

Tense, tight, and elevated shoulders are an epidemic. This tension is caused by stress and poor posture. The levator scapula is one of the muscles that elevate our shoulders. It's difficult to stretch but we can release it with a ball. Image by Birch Tree Wellness   Learning to relax and manage stress [...]

How to release tension from your neck

The sub-occipital muscles are located at the base of the skull. These muscles can get really tight due to poor posture and a forward head position. When these muscles are tight they can lead to tension headaches and chronic neck pain. Image by Ken Hub     Chronic neck, back and shoulder tension [...]

Relaxation Exercise

This is the relaxation exercise we do at our Relax and Meditate classes. It will help your body and mind relax. This audio is best listened to with headphones as it contains a background sound which is designed to stimulate Alpha Brainwaves, a relaxed mental state where the thoughts slow down.   Do [...]

Sam Parker

Meet our new Studio Manager, Sam Why did you start yoga? To help counteract the damage I was doing with long days sitting at a desk for my job, plus I was in a job that was extremely high pressure, and I was looking for something that was going to help with my stress and [...]

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