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The Secret To Self-Care: Boundaries

When it comes to self-care, we're pretty good at eating our greens, drinking enough water and moving our body. But self-care extends beyond what we eat and drink.  Self-care includes looking after our emotional and mental health too. If you’ve been to our Yoga Studio lately, you will see that we have tape on the [...]

11 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

I don't know anyone whose mental health hasn't been challenged this year. Even if you haven't been impacted directly, it's hard to escape the collective uncertainty. Mental wellbeing isn't something that's always in abundant supply - but it can be cultivated with our daily habits. I liken mental health to a bank account. If I make deposits in [...]

Yoga is the motivation and the reward

If we treat exercise as a chore, it will always end up at the bottom of our 'to do' list beneath the pile of ironing. Life is hard enough already. Between trying to eat our vegetables, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, taking our vitamins, paying the bills, there's not much time for pleasure and [...]

How Anxiety Shows Up in the Body

Anxiety is so much more than feeling worried. Some people experience physical sensations; for others, anxiety affects their emotions more than their body. How anxiety shows up in the body: racing heart racing mind difficulty breathing headaches muscle tension insomnia knots/butterflies in the stomach sweating shaking lump in throat/difficulty swallowing irritability impatience/easily frustrated nervousness quick [...]

Your first Beginner’s Yoga Class

Starting yoga for the first time can be  scary because there are so many unknowns: what will the yoga studio be like? where will I park? what do I wear? will I be the odd one out? These thoughts are all really normal. And before I answer these questions, I think there is a bigger [...]

Cultivating Faith Meditation

Life's hard when we lack Faith. Without Faith, life feels like we're on our own and that we have no one to turn to for support. Without faith, we struggle; we feel overwhelmed and anxious. Without Faith, we feel unsupported or even forsaken that life has overlooked us. Faith can be hard to come in [...]

Compassion Meditation

While compassion is the foundation of many religions, it's also beneficial for our physical, emotional and mental health. Compassion is proven to lower our stress levels, improve positive emotions and induce Alpha brainwaves to relax the mind. Support small business and leave a tip. LEAVE A TIP   Want to Cultivate Calm [...]