The 3 Best Tools for Stress and Anxiety

Do you know how to calm yourself in times of high stress? Did you know that meditation can be terrible when we're in a state of distress? Here are 3 Powerful Tools to calm yourself when you're distressed. Here's WHY it works: 1. Lateral eye movements reduce the amygdala's activity (the brain's fear centre) and help [...]

Why we find it hard to calm down

When we get stressed or triggered, our nervous system goes into fight or flight mode. And this affects our brain and thinking. The calm part of our brain that’s responsible for rational thinking shuts down when we’re in fight or flight. This is why we can’t think clearly, our thoughts become negative and our mind [...]

How our Nervous System affects our State of Mind

There is a close relationship between the state of our nervous system and our state of mind. When our nervous system feels unsafe, our brain automatically becomes more anxious as the fear centre of the brain (amygdala) takes over. When we’re stressed our thoughts are automatically more negative, impulsive and focused on worst-case scenarios. Trying [...]

Tight shoulders? Try this

Tense, tight, and elevated shoulders are an epidemic. This tension is caused by stress and poor posture. The levator scapula is one of the muscles that elevate our shoulders. It's difficult to stretch but we can release it with a ball. Image by Birch Tree Wellness   Learning to relax and manage stress [...]

Relaxation Exercise

This is the relaxation exercise we do at our Relax and Meditate classes. It will help your body and mind relax. This audio is best listened to with headphones as it contains a background sound which is designed to stimulate Alpha Brainwaves, a relaxed mental state where the thoughts slow down.   Do [...]

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