Wanting to convince a friend to come along to a yin class?  Here’s five reasons Yin Yoga is cool from one of Brisbane’s leading Yin yoga studios:

1. Cool down

cat drink

Yin yoga is a cooling practice. It actually lowers our body temperature. A mindful yin practice will slow our rate of respiration, slow our heart rate and lower our blood pressure as we activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Also, since we’re not actively engaging our muscles, we’re not creating heat. This has the cumulative effect of cooling us down. For those of you prone to hot flushes or maybe you get hot and bothered in summer, Yin will cool you down and it’s not just the air conditioned studio.

2. Keep your cool

drink catKeeping a cool head and not getting caught up in our mental dramas is another benefit of our Yin practice. Stress isn’t cool and reaching for a drink, a pill, food or the TV remote won’t help. Yin yoga helps us to relax body and mind and helps us to find inner stillness and tranquility. This is done through conscious breathing and mindfulness in the asanas. Rather than drowning or eating our stress, we can dissolve it with our breath.

3. It’s like DIY acupuncture

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Rather than a stranger sticking needles into you, you can stimulate your own meridians or energy lines in your Yin practice. Yin is so much more than stretching the tissues. Through Yin’s ability to stimulate the meridians, it can assist with a range of ailments beyond the muscles and tissue  being stretched/stressed. Yin can help with things like digestive problems, incontinence, insomnia, asthma, high blood pressure, fatigue, pain and mental disturbances.

4. Shed some excess fur


Eating and exercising well but struggling to shift that excess weight? It could be stress or specifically, high cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body that’s causing you to gain/hold on to extra weight. While Yin yoga won’t burn anymore calories than sitting on the couch watching TV, at least you won’t be eating a packet of biscuits doing it. Seriously though, stress leads to weight gain even if you watch what you eat. Yin yoga can get your adrenal glands back into balance so that your stress hormones aren’t peaking with the number on the scales.

5. It’s what all the cool cats are doing


If you weren’t convinced by the above, then maybe you’ll try it because everyone else is.  Yep, our Yin classes are our most popular classes and Yin yoga is quickly catching up to Pilates, Cross-Fit, growing a beard, skinny jeans, tattoos and iconic glasses as something cool people do.

You can check out our Yin classes here and let me know your thoughts on Yin yoga in the comments below.

Monica xx