Do you know how to calm yourself in times of high stress?

Did you know that meditation can be terrible when we’re in a state of distress?

Here are 3 Powerful Tools to calm yourself when you’re distressed.

Here’s WHY it works:

1. Lateral eye movements reduce the amygdala’s activity (the brain’s fear centre) and help our nervous system relax. We tend to go into a hyper-focused foveal view when in high distress. Lateral eye movements take us out of this tunnel vision and help us become more aware of our surroundings. Our eyes are a powerful tool for managing our stress.

2. Shaking, stomping and bilateral stimulation – when we’re in fight or flight mode, we get a surge of adrenaline into our bloodstream to prepare us to fight and defend ourselves or run for our lives. This adrenaline rush brings a powerful surge of energy that wants to move. So if we don’t discharge that anxious energy, we can’t get our nervous system back to a regulated state. Often when we’re distressed, we sit, think and ruminate or go into freeze, which keeps the anxious energy stuck in our bodies.

3. Standing Spinal breathing helps to down-regulate our stress response. The downward motion of the spinal breath engages our diaphragm and has a grounding effect which helps us shift the energy out of our head and into our body, especially our feet.

Yoga is so much more than a stretch. Yoga is an ancient system designed to calm the mind.

Thinking of yoga as just stretching is like only using our phone to tell the time. Yes, our phones have a built-in clock, but they are capable of so much more.

Yoga is much, much more than a stretch.

Yoga is a system to calm the mind.

It is a skill that increases our capacity to deal with life.

It’s a tool for transformation and food for the soul.

If you want to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, have more energy and feel better, then you can access two yoga classes a week for just $30.

Keep calm,