Life’s hard when we lack Faith.

Without Faith, life feels like we’re on our own and that we have no one to turn to for support.

Without faith, we struggle; we feel overwhelmed and anxious. Without Faith, we feel unsupported or even forsaken that life has overlooked us.

Faith can be hard to come in tough times. Especially if we’re agnostic or atheist, how do we cultivate faith?

Faith is the belief in something bigger than ourselves and is actually a core foundation of yoga. Ishwara Pranidhana is one of the Niyamas (moral observances) in yoga. It means recognising that there is a universal source of knowledge and wisdom, an intelligence that is bigger than us and when we trust and surrender to that omniscience, we can take some of the pressure off of ourselves.

Cultivating Faith is a way to lower our burden, find support and feel like we’re not alone in our troubles.

I have recorded this meditation for you to cultivate Faith.

Lean on Faith.

Let Faith support you.

Faith has your back.

You’re not alone when you have Faith.

If you find this beneficial, please share with a friend. We could all use some more Faith right now.






“Faith is an oasis in the heart which can never be reached by the caravan of thinking” – Kahlil Gibran.