While many people are drawn to yoga as a form of exercise to build strength, tone the muscles and develop flexibility, they may not be aware of the intrinsic health benefits of many of the poses. Asanas or poses are designed to be performed in a sequence to rid the body of pain and discomfort so the student can sit still in meditation.

Each asana will benefit a particular muscle(s), however they also stimulate meridians or energy channels that run through the body. Similar to the way an acupuncturist might stimulate a meridian to remove a blockage, asana can release energy blockages in the body leading to greater health and wellbeing. Asana can also improve the mood and mental wellbeing by releasing stress and tension from both the body and mind.

Trikonasana (Triangle) is one such asana with a multitude of health benefits. Initially it may just feel like a hamstring stretch, however it also offers the following benefits: tones the waist, stimulates digestion, opens the hips, lengthens the spine and stimulates the lung, heart, pericardium, bladder and gall bladder meridians. So next time you are in Trikonasana, feel the flow of energy (prana) through your body and enjoy the uplifting effects of this highly energising and beneficial asana.