Listen to this 11 min audio when you need to relax.

Art of Relaxation

Learning simple and practical ways to offload stress is priceless. The course itself was fun and relaxing. I couldn’t recommend it more! I felt empowered to handle stress and anxiety. Even before the end of the weekend, I was using these skills in my everyday life. – Kellie.

Breath & Meditation Course

“I found the theory and science behind meditation really interesting. I also thought everything was explained really clearly and it was easy to understand. And I really enjoyed the meditation practice as I found it much easier than usual to clear my mind after the preparation exercises. – Laura”


“The theory was great, I have been involved in various forms of meditation previously but have never learnt the theory the way that you explained it. I found it extremely helpful and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is remotely interested. – Mike”