Choose any or all of the modules.

  1. Philosophy  $95
  2. Embodied Anatomy – all 3 $260
    1. Pelvis $95
    2. Spine $95
    3. Shoulder $95
  3. Asana Refinement $160
  4. Asana Progression $160
  5. Yin yoga $160
  6. Energy Anatomy $160
  7. Nervous System Health $160
  8. Pranayama and Meditation $160


Each module is priced individually or you can save by combining modules.

Packages – combine and save

Full Program (all 8 Modules)

We want you to put into practice your new-found knowledge, we’re including a free 3-month pass if you purchase the Full Yoga Development Program.

All 8 modules $1315
3-Months Unlimited Yoga $390
Total Value $1705
Price $950
You save $755

Payment Plans available (total cost $1000).

Full Yoga Development Program



Asana (Modules 3&4)

Combine Asana Refinement and Asana Progression for $295 (save $25)

Asana Modules 3 + 4


Yin, Energy & Nervous System (Modules 5,6 & 7)

Combine Yin Yoga, Energy Anatomy, Nervous System Health for $430 (save $50)

Modules 5,6 &7


Philosophy &  Meditation (Module 1 & 8)

Combine Philosophy with Pranayama and Meditation for $220 (save $35).

Modules 1 + 8


Detailed curriculum

1. Philosophy
21-22 July 10.30am-12.30pm

Uncover the ancient philosophy that underpins yoga and learn how to apply this ancient wisdom to modern living.

Get the big picture of your yoga practice and learn the system that connects your down dog to your mental state.

  • Discover the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Learn the nature of the mind and causes of suffering
  • Explore the layers of yoga and its physical, energetic, emotional and mental effects.
  • Learn how to apply yoga to your daily life

This Module is all theory, there will be no asana practice.

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2. Embodied Anatomy

Explore the relationship between form and function and build strength and flexibility through embodied biomechanics of the spine, pelvis and shoulders.

Pelvic Power $95
28-29 July 10.30am-1pm

The pelvis houses a deep reservoir of power through a remarkable tensegrity system.  Located in the centre of your body, the pelvis is the keystone which influences alignment both toward the head and all the way to your toes. In this unique Franklin Method workshop learn how your pelvis is designed to both move and stabilise.  Embody the biomechanics of your pelvis to find more power in your legs in standing hatha yoga poses and reduce compressive forces on the spine.

The Supreme Spine $95
11-12 August 10.30am- 1pm

Embody the amazing biomechanical design of your spine using the Franklin Method tools of dynamic imagery. Explore the relationship between form and efficient function and learn how to implement mental training to improve the quality of freedom, grace and resilience of your spine. Take home a simple and fun practice that will get your spine feeling loose and lubricated each day!

Relax your Shoulders $95
1-2 September 10.30am- 1pm

In the journey of evolution from the oceans to the trees, our shoulders adapted their incredible design to enable the diverse possibility of both incredible flexibility and immense strength. Learn how to relax unnecessary tension, move efficiently and open a pain free path to strength building in inverted hatha yoga poses.

This Module combines theory and asana practice.

Combine all 3 Pelvis/Spine/Shoulders $260 (save $25)

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3. Asana Refinement $160
24-26 August 

Refine your technique and deepen your practice of the fundamental yoga poses.

Every complex asana is built from an understanding of the intricacies that comprise fundamental postures. This course will ground you in the fundamentals and help you to develop a thoughtful and effective practice as well as the knowledge to gain more from the classes you attend.

  • Engage in methodical practice of the most common poses
  • Learn the shape, form and benefit of each of the poses
  • Learn how to breathe more effectively
  • Learn how to analyse and improve your poses
  • Learn basic applied anatomy and physiology concepts
  • How to discover, understand and mitigate the common misalignments in the poses
  • What is ‘classical form’ and when to modify?
  • When and why to use props

This Module is Asana-based and recommended for students who have at least 3 month’s practice or who have completed our Beginner’s Yoga Course.

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4. Asana Progression $160
7-9 September

Expand and deepen your practice to an intermediate level.

We’ll focus on intermediate poses from every postural category and systematically study and work on poses and sequences to expand your practice. This course builds on the Yoga Asana Refinement course and bridges into intermediate poses. If you want to deepen your practice, this module is for you!

Intermediate asanas from every category: inversions, standing poses, backbends, hand balancings, hip openers, forward bends and twists

  • How to build strength and increase flexibility
  • Specific pose knowledge
  • Functional anatomy
  • Prop usage, modifications and variations
  • How to leverage your strengths and work with your limitations (with compassion and intelligence)
  • How to get the most from your yoga practice.

This Module is Asana-based and recommended for students who have at least 6 month’s practice or who have completed our Asana Refinement Module.

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5. Yin Yoga $160
14-16 September

Delve deeper into Yin Yoga principles and enhance your understanding of the physical and energetic benefits of the practice of Yin Yoga.

  • History and Principals of Yin – a brief refresher of the definition and goals of yin yoga.
  • The poses of Yin and their target areas.
  • Skeletal variations and how to find a functional anatomy approach to the practice.
  • How to modify the practice for individual differences
  • Myofascial Meridians and their energetic influence on the body and emotions.
  • Develop powerful and creative sequences for yourself and your students.

This Module is a mix of theory and asana. It is recommended for students who have a dedicated Yin Yoga practice and teachers of Yin Yoga.

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6. Energy Anatomy $160
19-21 October

Explore and experience the internal realm of energy, chakras, emotions and meridians.

We’ll minimise the woo-woo and keep it real in this down to earth exploration of the things you can’t see – emotions, energy, chakras and meridians.

  • Learn the concepts of energy and consciousness and how it plays out in the body
  • What is prana, and how does it move?
  • What can the chakras teach us about ourselves?
  • How do emotions show up in the body?
  • What are meridians and how do they affect our energy and emotions?
  • How does yoga influence our energy and emotions?

This Module is theory and asana based. It is recommended for students who have 6 months dedicated practice or more

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7. Nervous System Health $160
9-11 November

Learn the science of stress and the art of relaxation in this stress-management module.

Stress is so much more than being busy or having too much to do. Stress is so insidious we often don’t realise its detrimental influence on our whole system.

  • Learn about the branches of the nervous system and how they get stimulated
  • Learn how the brain receives signals from our body and environment
  • Discover the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology – how stress affects our biochemistry to alter our mood, our immunity and its effect on disease.
  • Learn to recognise the fight or flight response
  • Practice techniques to calm the nervous system

This Module is a combination of theory and gentle asana. It is suitable for students with some basic yoga experience.

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8. Pranayama and Meditation $160
23-25 November

Using the breath as a bridge between mind and body, we delve into the mental realm to understand the workings of the mind and self through meditation.

  • Discover the link between the breath and our mental state
  • Learn breathing techniques to prepare the body and mind for meditation
  • Learn about the science of meditation and brainwave frequency
  • Understand the ancient purpose of meditation
  • Learn meditation do’s and don’ts.
  • Practice a variety of techniques to explore the inner self.

This Module is a combination of theory and practice. It is suitable for students with some basic yoga experience.

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I can’t attend these times, will you run these Modules again?

As you can see this Program spans the rest of 2018. If a Module is popular and sells out we will consider running it a second time in October or November. We can only schedule the Modules outside of class times and existing Modules.

The Program will run again in February – June 2019 on weekends and outside of class times.

I can’t make 1 of the days at the Module, can I still come? 

The Modules will build on the previous session so we recommend doing all 2 or 3 days in each Module. You won’t be able to transfer or make up the Module another time.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Module 3  Asana Refinement – we expect you to have completed at least 3 months of regular yoga or our 3 Day Beginner’s Yoga Course. This Module is not for people who’ve never done yoga before.

Module 4 Asana Progression – we expect you to have completed at least 6 months of regular yoga or Module 3 Asana Refinement. This is not suitable for absolute beginners or pregnant women.

Module 5 Yin Yoga – we expect that you have completed at least 6 months of regular yin yoga.

All other Modules are open to all levels of practice.

Can I bring my child?

This Program is best suited for people over 16.

I don’t know much about yoga philosophy/anatomy/energy anatomy/nervous system/meditation can I still attend?

Absolutely Modules 1,2,6,7,8 are open to all levels including absolute beginners.

I attend regular classes, how would this Program be any different?

This Program is not like a regular class. It will be packed with theory and practical exercises to learn and experience more about your yoga and your self.

It will be structured and detailed and you will get comprehensive notes you can take home.

There will be lots of discussion and learning from a group environment.

You will get to know other yogis better.

Got questions?

Email us at or call 0406 476 950.