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Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic, flowing yoga class combining strength, balance and flexibility. The sequence synchronises movement with breath to calm the mind, tone the body and nourish the soul. We offer three different levels of Vinyasa yoga from beginners to advanced.


Start here if you are new to yoga or if you want a gentle yoga class. This beginner-level yoga class features a slower pace, foundation poses and lots of instruction.  Poses will be explained in detail, and students are given time to find comfort and ease in each posture. The physical asana portion of each class contains: warm-ups, sun salutations,  standing poses, balancing, back bends, forward bends, and mild inversions. Each class will also include some basic breathing practices, chanting, meditation and relaxation.


This is an open-level yoga class, featuring intermediate poses and a flowing pace. Poses will be explained and will include a mix of sun salutations, standing poses with multiple variations, balancing poses, twists, back bends, forward bends and inversions, all with an emphasis on finding proper alignment for your body, and using your breath to find a balance between effort and ease. Beginners and intermediate yoga students are welcome to take this class, and options will be given to fit various practice levels.

Vinyasa 2

This is an intermediate to advanced yoga class, featuring more advanced poses, transitions, arm balances and inversions for yogis who want a more challenging yoga class.  In this flowing, strengthening and energising Vinyasa class, students will deepen their practice while synchronising movement to breath and challenging their physical and mental edge.  The class will incorporate traditional sun salutations and standing poses with different variations and transitions, allowing students to go deeper into forward bends, back-bends, and twists, as well as working with binds, arm balances and inversions. This class is not suitable for beginners.

yin yoga brisbane

Yin Yoga

A gentle, restorative yoga class that releases tension and stress to help you unwind and slow down. The sequence is floor-based and the poses are held longer than usual to release tight connective tissue and ligaments. This yoga class is beneficial for athletes, people with chronic aches and pains, people with stress and anxiety and pregnant women.





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Relaxation and meditation for all levels. Classes are 45min and can be done either sitting or lying down.