Energy Anatomy Course

Energy Anatomy Course
with Monica

Fri 19 October 6.30pm-9pm
Sat 20 October 10.30am-1pm
Sun 21 October 10.30am-1pm


$144 for 6 month members
$128 for annual members


Product Description

Explore and experience the internal realm of energy, chakras, emotions and meridians.

We’ll minimise the woo-woo and keep it real in this down to earth exploration of the things you can’t see – emotions, energy, chakras and meridians.

  • Learn the concepts of energy and consciousness and how it plays out in the body
  • What is prana, and how does it move?
  • What can the chakras teach us about ourselves?
  • How do emotions show up in the body?
  • What are meridians and how do they affect our energy and emotions?
  • How does yoga influence our energy and emotions?

This Module is theory and asana based. It is recommended for students who have at least 6 months dedicated practice.