Energy Anatomy Course
with Monica Rottmann

Fri 19 October 6.30pm-9pm
Sat 20 October 10.30am-1pm
Sun 21 October 10.30am-1pm

$160  plus get a bonus 2 weeks of yoga added to your pass.

$144 6-month members
$128 for annual members


Product Description

Whether we are aware of it or not, our energy affects how we feel. Sometimes we know deep down that something doesn’t feel right yet we don’t know what to do about it.

Our emotions and energy are what lies between the body and the mind and improving our energy from the inside out has a flow-on effect on our physical and mental health.

Yoga classes can touch the sides of our energy landscape but this 3 Day Course offers a deep dive into the internal realm of energy, chakras, emotions and meridians.

We’ll minimise the woo-woo and keep it real in this down to earth exploration of the things you can’t see – emotions, energy, chakras and meridians.

  • Learn the concepts of energy and consciousness and how it plays out in the body
  • What is prana, and how does it move?
  • What can the chakras teach us about ourselves?
  • How do emotions show up in the body?
  • What are meridians and how do they affect our energy and emotions?
  • How does yoga influence our energy and emotions?


Friday 19 October 6.30pm-9pm

Theory 45 mins:

+ what is energy
+ how does energy flow/become blocked
+ emotions and energy
+ anatomy of the energy body
+ what are chakras

Practice 90 mins:

yoga, breathing and meditation practices for root and sacral chakra:
+ ground your energy
+ move stuck emotions from the body
+ cultivate pleasure in the body

Saturday 20 October 10.30am-1pm

Practice 2.5hrs:

yoga, breathing, chanting and meditation for solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras:
+ build confidence
+ develop compassion and self-love
+ self-expression
+ develop insight and intuition
+ connection to higher self/spirit

Sunday 21 October 10.30am-1pm

Theory 30min
+ 14 major meridians and their emotions
+ causes of energy stagnation
+ emotional regulation
+ how to raise your vibration

Practice 2hrs

Yoga, breathing and energy medicine techniques to improve our energy
+ acupressure
+ tapping