YDP Module 5 Yin Yoga

Module 5 Yin Yoga
with Nic

Fri 14 September 6.30pm-8.30pm
Sat 15 September 10.30am-1pm
Sun 16 September 10.30am-1pm



Product Description

Delve deeper into Yin Yoga principles and enhance your understanding of the physical and energetic benefits of the practice of Yin Yoga.

  • History and Principals of Yin – a brief refresher of the definition and goals of yin yoga.
  • The poses of Yin and their target areas.
  • Skeletal variations and how to find a functional anatomy approach to the practice.
  • How to modify the practice for individual differences
  • Myofascial Meridians and their energetic influence on the body and emotions.
  • Develop powerful and creative sequences for yourself and your students.

This Module is a mix of theory and asana. It is recommended for students who have a dedicated Yin Yoga practice and teachers of Yin Yoga.