YDP Module 4 Asana Progression

Module 4 Asana Progression
with Heather

Fri 7 September 6.30-8.30pm
Sat 8 September 10.30am-1pm
Sun 9 September 10.30am-1pm



Product Description

Expand and deepen your practice to an intermediate level.

We’ll focus on intermediate poses from every postural category and systematically study and work on poses and sequences to expand your practice. This Module builds on the Yoga Asana Refinement Module and bridges into intermediate poses.

If you want to deepen your practice, this module is for you!

Intermediate asanas from every category: inversions, standing poses, backbends, hand balancings, hip openers, forward bends and twists

  • How to build strength and increase flexibility
  • Specific pose knowledge
  • Functional anatomy
  • Prop usage, modifications and variations
  • How to leverage your strengths and work with your limitations (with compassion and intelligence)
  • How to get the most from your yoga practice.

This Module is Asana-based and recommended for students who have at least 6 month’s practice or who have completed our Asana Refinement Module.