YDP Module 3 Asana Refinement

Module 3 Asana Refinement
with Heather

Fri 25 August 6.30-8.30pm
Sat 26 August 10.30am-1pm
Sun 27 August 10.30am-1pm



Product Description

Refine your technique and deepen your practice of the fundamental yoga poses.

Every asana is built from an understanding of the intricacies that comprise fundamental postures. This Module will ground you in the fundamentals and help you to develop a thoughtful and effective practice as well as the knowledge to gain more from the classes you attend.

  • Engage in methodical practice of the most common poses
  • Learn the shape, form and benefit of each of the poses
  • Learn how to breathe more effectively
  • Learn how to analyse and improve your poses
  • Learn basic applied anatomy and physiology concepts
  • How to discover, understand and mitigate the common misalignments in the poses
  • What is ‘classical form’ and when to modify?
  • When and why to use props

This Module is Asana-based and recommended for students who have at least 3 month’s practice or who have completed our Beginner’s Yoga Course.