Yoga means unite – integrating mind, body and spirit.

While many yoga studios avoid the ‘spiritual stuff’, we don’t. We honour the ancient tradition who’s goal is to quiet the mind, connect to our higher Selves and experience the bliss of uniting with higher consciousness.¬†We just happen to use the body and breath as tools to calm the mind.

Yoga isn’t just about the shapes we make with our body, to us, yoga is about the shape of our lives.

And more and more people are turning to yoga to calm their mind and deal with the stress of their daily lives.

Benefits of yoga

  • Increased flexibility – yoga poses stretch not just the muscles but also the body’s connective tissue
  • Increased strength – yoga builds muscle strength, especially core and upper body strength
  • Improved posture – yoga brings awareness to how we carry ourselves and the positioning of our spine
  • Improved balance – yoga poses strengthen the feet, ankles and legs, as well as improving our ability to focus
  • Improved bone health – yoga is a weight bearing activity which builds bone density and improves overall bone health
  • Improved blood flow and circulation – the yoga sequences are designed to increased the flow of blood to our organs, glands and tissue
  • Increased lymphatic drainage – yoga poses stimulate the lymph fluid, helping the body to release toxins from the cellular level
  • Improved sleep – yoga helps the body and mind to relax and calms the nervous system, leading to better quality sleep
  • Reduced stress levels – yoga helps to balance the adrenal glands, releases tension from the body and has a calming affect on the nervous system


What we do

In addition to our regular timetable we offer the following courses and workshops:

Beginner’s Yoga Course

Art of Relaxation Course

Breath and Meditation Course