I often joke with some of the regular students that I can tell who’s walking up the stairs just by their gait. But did you know we can also tell a few other things about you? Don’t get me wrong, we’re not checking you out or judging you, we’re reading the signs you give us.

  1. We can tell if you’re new to the studio as there’s some trepidation about whether you’re in the right place. We welcome you straight away.
  2. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to drag yourself up the stairs – this is a sign to us that you’re fatigued, tired or it’s just been a real effort to get to class today. We smile on the inside and will make a mental note to offer plenty of energising poses in class.
  3. We will also notice if you’re limping up the stairs and will often ask if you have injury. If we don’t ask, please tell us anyway so that we can modify your practice accordingly.
  4. We can tell if you’ve had way too much caffeine or if you’re super stressed. We will include breathing and relaxation exercises in class just for you so don’t skip these!
  5. We can sense your eagerness. We love eager students who are willing to learn and go deeper into their practice. Try to practice patience though, a lot of the ‘boring’ or repetitive poses we do are designed to build a strong foundation for your practice to grow.
  6. Without knowing anything about you we can sense if you’re having a tough day/week/year/life. We can see your pain and suffering and when we say things like ‘feel the support of the mat beneath you’ we mean that at least in this moment, you have our full support, we’re here for you. You matter to us.
  7. We can tell if you really get ‘it’. It’s not from your fancy clothes, mat or how you strike a pose. You can tell when someone is present and in the moment.
  8. We can tell it’s the weekend without knowing what day of the week it is as there’s just a little more uplift in people’s energy. This is why Saturday mornings are so popular – all the good energy of the collective group.


energy vibes

Do you ever wonder why some classes feel like they are exactly what you need? As though someone has read your mind? It’s because we’re paying attention and making mental notes of all the ailments, injuries and physical/mental energy of the class and sequencing the class in a way that really benefits you.

Ever wondered why we focus a lot on opening the shoulders and releasing through the upper back in some classes? It’s not your lucky day, it’s because that class will be full of people who slump over a desk all day and need to release that tension.

Ever go to class dreading that it’s going to be really strong and challenging and then you’re pleasantly surprised that it was more gentle that usual? That’s because we can sense the collective energy and will purposefully tone it down. Conversely, sometimes you get a class stronger than you expected. We can sense when you’re ready for more challenge.

Have you ever wondered why some classes are really flowing and fast paced and then the same teacher will do a really slow and steady practice? I teach a really fluid class when people have a lot of mental agitation and can’t stay still. I take them on a journey back into their body and smooth, flowing rhythms are just the ticket to burn off excess mental energy and nervous tension.

When students are more centered and present they will get a slower, stronger class focusing more on technique and body awareness.

Finally, whether we know you by name or we’ve just met you once, we see you. Even the quiet students who don’t say much are noticed. We may talk more to other students before or after class, but during class we notice. We might not physically adjust you but the words we choose may be directed to you personally.