I like to look to the spaces in between. I like to explore the gaps and fall into the cracks.

The space in between words, the pause between songs, the brief moment when there is no noise, just silence and space.

I look for moments of stillness. I like the transitions between yoga poses. I watch for the pause between my breaths and I love the space between my thoughts.

In Tibetan, they call the constant stream of thoughts, SEM, the small mind. This is the stuff that happens on the surface layer or the periphery. The waves on the ocean, the ripples on the surface of the lake, the barking dogs. We all know Sem, our constant companion. But behind Sem, is RIKPA, or wisdom. The inner spaciousness that arises when Sem is silent.

There are many metaphors for Sem and Rikpa, it’s being able to discern the superficial from the depth, the periphery from the core, the distraction from the essence, the experience of stillness when everything slows down.

One of the best methods to finding Rikpa, or inner spaciousness is to arrive into the present moment. Rather than filling up your present moment with thoughts, observe the space that contains the thoughts, what is in between. Another way of doing this is through breath observation or Anapana Sati. Watching and observing the breath, we can become aware of the space between breaths, the inner stillness, the well of calm. It is here, in this location that inner spaciousness arises, Rikpa.

Once we become adept at finding space, we are able to locate it anywhere, including in between our thoughts. Yoga is designed to still the movement of the mind and the highest form of yoga is meditation. With meditation we can slow down and even cease the movements of the mind. When the mind becomes still, our whole world opens up and we can touch our soul. To a mind that is still, lasting peace can be found. A mind that is still is resting in Rikpa, the eternal and timeless spaciousness.

Watch the space between things, cultivate your awareness and develop your inner space.

Watch this space! For more info check out our meditation classes.

Monica xx