The brutal truth about meditation from one of my favourite writers, Mark Manson:⠀

“People often lament that they’re ‘not good’ at meditation. ⠀
There is no getting good. That’s the whole point. ⠀
⠀You are supposed to suck at it. ⠀
⠀Just accept the suckage, embrace the suckage. Love the suckage. ⠀

When one meditates for long periods of time, all sorts of whacky shit comes up:

– strange fantasies⠀
– decades-old regret⠀
– odd sexual urges⠀
– unbearable boredom,and
– often crushing feelings of isolation and loneliness. ⠀

And all of these things must simply be observed, acknowledged and let go. ⠀
⠀Meditation is, at its core, a practice of training your mind to observe and sustain the never-ending ebb and flow of pain and not to let the ‘self’ get sucked away by the riptide. ⠀
⠀This is why everyone is so ‘bad’ at something seemingly so simple. ⠀
⠀After all, you just sit on a pillow and close your eyes. ⠀
⠀How hard can it be? ⠀
⠀Why is it so difficult to summon the courage to sit down and do it and stay there? ⠀

Most people avoid meditation in the same way a kid avoids doing homework. ⠀
It’s because they know what meditation really is: it’s confronting your pain, observing the interiors of your mind and heart, in all their horror and glory.”⠀

All meditation does is makes us aware of our thoughts and feelings.  But most of us are conditioned to avoid our thoughts and feelings which is why it’s so uncomfortable. We distract ourselves from how we feel by being busy yet the unease we feel is always there lurking beneath the surface. All meditation does is brings our unease to the surface so we can do something about it.

This unease is the source of much tension and anxiety. And if we can learn to face it, we can get to the root of our anxiety and start the healing process.

We offer weekly meditation classes for beginners. No experience is necessary. Just a willingness to be with yourself.

To all of you who are doing this important work, I see you, you are courageous. ⠀

Monica xx

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