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What people say about us


“As a 50 something man who drives a desk for work and couldn’t touch my toes, I thought I needed yoga to improve my flexibility so I could keep active and well.

Before I started classes, I was a bit apprehensive about my ability to twist into the poses. But I didn’t need to be. The instructors are all really supportive and will help you find a pose that works for your body type and flexibility. Over time I can see my flexibility improving. I’d describe the studio as a very relaxing and affirming environment.

I also really like that classes over the week are led by different instructors who all have a slightly different style, emphasis and approach.

While I started I thought the benefit for me would be largely physical. But I think I get a greater benefit out of the mindfulness and meditation element. Taking the time to stop thinking and quiet my mind has been really positive for me. It’s helped me stay calm and positive during stressful periods and approach life with gratitude.

I’d happily recommend the studio.” David Reed