Monica Rottmann is the owner and founder of Cultivate Calm Yoga.

Monica has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, and before teaching yoga, she worked in IT, Business Strategy, Project Management, HR and recruitment. She started yoga to deal with chronic stress and burnout and soon became addicted to feeling calm.

She hated every job she ever had, and in 2013 a series of synchronicities led to her swapping suits for yoga pants, quitting her job and opening a Yoga Studio.

She wanted to create a space where she would feel comfortable without the mirrors, fancy clothes, loud music or impossible poses. She’s passionate about teaching people that there’s an alternative to busyness, burnout and anxious living and that being relaxed and calm makes us better at everything.

In 2015 her life fell apart when she was diagnosed with breast cancer while her Dad had terminal cancer, and she was navigating a divorce. She won Bronze in the AusMumpreneur Awards for Overcoming the Odds and was a dual finalist for Fitness Business of the Year and Business Pivot.

In 2023 she won GOLD in the Global the Women Changing the World Awards for making a difference in her local community and BRONZE for Small Business of the Year.

Best yoga BrisbaneAward winning Yoga Brisbane

In 2023 she co-wrote the book Ignite which is filled with practical tools and advice for starting your own business.

Her signature program, Yoga Alchemy, teaches her clients how to thrive after adversity by weaving psychology, yoga, meditation, breathwork and NLP.

Running her business for the last ten years has seen her navigate many challenges, including death, divorce, cancer, burnout, and, of course, the pandemic. She has emerged on the other side wiser, more resilient and more motivated to help other women thrive in their businesses.

Now she coaches wellness entrepreneurs to make an impact, become a leader with soul and stop sabotaging their success. She combines business strategy with mindset and personal development to support her clients in turning their passion into profit and creating sustainable results without burnout.

Monica’s lived experience with overcoming adversity, together with her psychology degree, Yoga and Meditation Teaching, and NLP coaching, make her a wise, compassionate and supportive coach for entrepreneurs to follow their passion and not let their past dictate their future.

She’s an example of post-traumatic growth and has rebuilt her life with her wonderful partner Tim and their daughter Ruby. She has a vocal cat that howls on Zoom calls, and she has an obsession with baby wombats.

Work with Monica

There are a number of ways to work with Monica:

Her award-winning Yoga Alchemy program, which is a 7 month group coaching program

Business Coaching with Monica

or attend her yoga classes.

You can contact Monica via email at

Favourite pose

Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose) – I love the feeling of being in equilibrium – finding the perfect balance.

Why did you start doing yoga?

I suffered from chronic tension headaches and was a stress merchant needing to learn how to relax.

Why did you become a teacher?

I’ve hated every job I’ve ever had and it was after reading the book The Alchemist by Paul Coelho that I began to listen to my heart and do what I love for a living (it took me 3 years to act on it though).

How do you describe your teaching style?

I have a creative, flowing vinyasa style and my Yin style is mindful and meditative.

What has yoga taught you?

To love being me.

What do you want students to know?

The physical poses of yoga barely scratch the surface. Yoga is a spiritual practice – keep practicing and you will change your life.