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Do you want to clear your head and create some space?

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The Yoga Sutras written over 1500 years ago define yoga as “the stilling of the movement of the mind”. Being overwhelmed by constant thought is not a new phenomenon, even the ancients recognised it and the Buddhists call it “monkey mind”.
Yoga is so much more than a physical practice and at Cultivate Calm Yoga we offer specialised meditation classes tailored for beginners. If you are looking to evolve your yoga practice, manage stress or find that “thing” that is missing in your life then try the ancient practice of meditation.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of focusing the mind, creating awareness of the present moment and raising consciousness. It is not about mind control or suppressing of thoughts, rather it is creating an awareness of your thoughts and the realm that exists beyond your thoughts.

I’ve tried meditation and can’t stop thinking…

You’re not the only one to experience this. Just like learning any new skill, meditation requires practice. Approach your practise with a beginner’s mindset, rather than expecting to be all Zen-like as you’ll just be disappointed. The more you practise, the easier it will get. At first, you may experience just the briefest moment of space in your mind, when for a split second there’s no thought or inner voice talking. Over time that space gets bigger and you can experience yourself as the person behind all the thoughts.

Why meditate?

Meditation has a range of physical and mental benefits and is an important tool in the management of stress, anxiety and even depression. It is known for its calming effects and can help you respond to your life rather than reacting.

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