What’s your excuse for not meditating? Is it one of these?

I can’t sit cross-legged for meditation

There is no set meditation position.

You can sit in a chair or you can lie on the floor.

You want to be comfortable and ideally have a straight spine. There’s no point forcing yourself to stay in an uncomfortable position – this will just distract you from your practice and it will be so uncomfortable you will hate it.

I can’t stop my mind from thinking

The goal of meditation isn’t to stop the mind from thinking, the goal is to pay attention and become aware of what we’re experiencing in the moment.

The fact that you can recognise your mind is thinking is a sign that you’re becoming more aware and are no longer lost in thought. It’s a sign of progress.

Our thoughts happen naturally and involuntarily, just like our heart beat. Trying to stop ourselves from thinking is crazy talk.

Meditation is boring

Meditation is paying attention to ourselves in the moment. So if you find yourself boring, you’re probably not paying close enough attention.

It can be hard to transition from being stimulated by external entertainment to now hold your own attention but it is anything but boring.

Anxiety and stress are boring, meditation is just so unfamiliar to most of us that we tend to feel really uncomfortable with our own attention so we desperately seek a distraction.

Another reason for boredom is FOMO (fear of missing out). Our mind worries that there is something better we could be doing or that we might be missing out on something awesome. At its core, FOMO represents a level of dissatisfaction with the present moment. Our mind is always looking for something better.

Better than this moment…

Better than here…

Better than this…

The problem is, we spend our whole lives looking for, but never finding better.

The cure for boredom is paying more attention.

After all, we are the most important person in our life, paying ourselves some attention from time to time to check in with how we’re really feeling will not only help us overcome boredom, but can be key in transforming our inner world and relationship to ourselves.

Meditation is hard

Stress, anxiety and a mind that won’t stop thinking is hard, meditation is just different.

And like any new skill, there’s a learning curve. Just like learning an instrument or another language, we can’t expect to be perfect the first few times we try.

Meditation is more passive, more subjective, more attentive than most of us are used to.

Goldfish have a bad reputation for their short attentions spans, humans aren’t much better. Meditation trains our mental muscle so it does get easier to sustain our attention for longer periods.

I don’t have time for meditation

If you’re too busy to spare 10 minutes a day to calm your mind, you must be really important.

Just kidding, you must be a ball of stress!

Seriously if you don’t have 10 minutes to yourself, you’re going to wind up with some physical or mental health problems if you keep that up. Check your phone for how much screen time you’ve had this week or do a report on your social media usage. Those funny cat videos and weather updates can wait.

Putting yourself last isn’t cool.

No one is going to take care of your mental health for you. Don’t wait until you need professional help – start making friends with your mind now.

Meditation is a religion

Most major religions include some form of meditation as solitude, self-reflection and a still mind are all beneficial when contemplating God.

But being religious and being spiritual are different things and we can practice meditation for whatever reason we like. We can be religious and meditate, we can be atheist and meditate, we can be agnostic and meditate.

Meditation gives us a greater awareness of ourselves and the nature of reality.

And the expanded awareness and sense of something greater than the Self naturally leads people to philosophy or religion to further that understanding.

I tried meditation once and it didn’t work

I tried eating Kale once and I didn’t lose weight…

Meditation is a skill that requires cultivating. If we plant a seed and never water it we can’t complain that it doesn’t grow into flowers.

A one-off meditation will have minimal effect.

If we want our minds to bloom, we need to water it regularly with meditation.

Meditation is not for me

Meditation isn’t for everyone and I respect that. Meditation can be confronting as we turn our attention to ourselves and our mind.

We have to be ready for meditation and attempting it when we’re not ready, open or receptive to change will just be uncomfortable. Meditation is often the last resort and we only turn to it when we’ve had enough, when we’ve tried everything else, when we’ve looked everywhere for answers and finally realise that what we’re looking for is inside.

I don’t know how to meditate

We can teach you.

We run weekly meditation classes on Sundays and occasionally on Thursdays too. It’s only 45min and you can lie down if you like. It’s perfect for beginners as we guide you through the whole practice with about 10 minutes of silence on your own to either meditate or fall asleep (it happens all the time ).

You can also learn more at our 3 Day Breath and Meditation Course in June.


Main image credit @mrzyk_moriceau