We’re all experiencing a major reorganisation right now. ⠀

The first thing that’s changed is our daily routines. While it may seem like a good thing to have variety and ‘mix it up’, our nervous system craves routine. ⠀

The uncertainty in our environment and the change to our daily routine causes stress. When we’re stressed we have trouble with:⠀

  • Concentration and focus⠀
  • Decision making⠀
  • Motivation⠀
  • Creativity⠀
  • Emotional regulation (easily upset)⠀

This is in addition to any physical symptoms of stress, such as:⠀

  • Insomnia⠀
  • Muscle tension⠀
  • Headaches⠀
  • Digestive problems⠀
  • Fatigue⠀
  • Low mood⠀

Basically, we’re at our worst when we’re stressed, yet we feel pressured to be at our best. ⠀You’re not lazy if you can’t concentrate, focus or be productive – you’re stressed. ⠀

You’re not failing if you don’t feel like doing yoga or meditating – you’re stressed. ⠀

You’re not lacking in ambition if you don’t feel like studying, learning new skills or furthering your career – you’re stressed. ⠀

You’re not procrastinating if you’re watching re-runs of Seinfeld or if you’re sorting out the spice jars in the kitchen – you’re stressed. ⠀

It’s OK to feel unmotivated and unproductive. Being unproductive right now might actually be the best and most productive thing we could be doing. Being unproductive gives us the time and space for our nervous system to adjust to our new reality. And when our nervous system feels safe, then we will get out focus and motivation back. ⠀

‘Rona is calling us to change our way of being. ⠀
‘Rona is encouraging us to go inward. ⠀
‘Rona is causing some deep internal shifts.⠀

If we don’t give ourselves permission to stop and be present with what is, OR, if we succumb to the productivity pressure to get fit, learn a new skill or work on our business, we will miss the opportunity for more profound growth and transformation.

Keep calm,

Monica xx

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Art by Naya Ismael