We help exercise-phobes, gym avoiders and stress addicts

reduce anxiety and heal their aches and pains

so that they can feel strong, flexible and calm.

Yoga Studio in East Brisbane

You don’t need to be fit or flexible to start yoga with us.

You don’t need fancy clothes because we have soft lighting and no mirrors so you can focus on how you feel rather than how you look.

Our studio is filled with older people, people who are unfit and people who are anxious. So if you’re sick and tired of feeling stressed, tense and anxious you’ve come to the right place.

Our yoga classes will have you feeling clear, calm and flexible in no time.

We offer 27 classes a week ranging from early morning to late night and everything in between. We have free street parking and our studio is air-conditioned for comfort (no hot yoga).

We have heaps of beginner-friendly yoga classes and more Yin Yoga classes than any other Brisbane Yoga Studio.

Your FIRST 5 Yoga Classes are only $50 so you can try out the studio to see if you like it.

You have nothing to lose except stress and anxiety.

Terms + Conditions

This is an introductory offer only available to new clients.

You have one month from the date of purchase to use your First 5 classes.

Please choose carefully, our yoga passes are not refundable or transferable.

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