Answer yes or no

  1. Do you plan your day around your yoga sesh?
  2. Do you wear more activewear than normal clothes?
  3. Do you have more than 1 yoga mat?
  4. Do you do yoga in strange places (like when cooking dinner, at work, in the car)?
  5. Do you have a ‘spot’ at the studio?
  6. Do all the teachers and regulars know your name?
  7. Do you dream about yoga poses?
  8. Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions a yoga pose?
  9. If you miss a few yoga classes do you get a message from us to see if you’re ok?
  10. Do you get yoga withdrawals when you miss class?
  11. Do you do more than one class a day?
  12. Do you have a yoga block or bolster at home?
  13. Do you talk about yoga a lot?
  14. Do you try to convert your friends/family/colleagues/everyone to yoga?
  15. Do you like love Down Dog?
  16. Do you enjoy working on core strength?
  17. Do your walls have footprints on them from practicing inversions?
  18. Are you are sad at the end of Savasana because the class is over?
  19. Do you have a yoga hairstyle (so that it doesn’t get in your eyes in Down Dog or your ponytail doesn’t push into your head in Savasana)?
  20. When you move house, is proximity to the yoga studio a key consideration?



Your score

Tally up how many questions you answered yes to.

0-5    Yoga is a hobby for you and you practice when it’s convenient to you.

6-10   You have a slight addiction forming. Soon you will need to up your dose as you chase your                   initial yoga high

11-15   Your mat(s) is becoming your new BFF. You spend some serious time at the studio

16-19   You are a full blown addict. Don’t worry, we have a support group for yoga addicts and our                  teachers are all members.



Too much yoga isn’t a problem, yoga is the cure.

But a word of caution, if you practice regularly your life won’t be the same again.

Your life will change for the better and people will want to be around you hoping to ‘catch’ some of your calm yoga vibes.

Get Support

We’re here to help with your addiction. Plan your day around our class times and up your yoga dose with our 3 month membership.

3 months $300

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