While injuries are rare in yoga, there are a few poses, which done incorrectly, will put you at risk of injury. One of these is Warrior 2.

It’s really important to get the foundations right in Warrior 2 to avoid injuring the knee. Start with a wide stance of a leg-length’s distance apart. Turn your front foot forward and bend your front knee. Make sure your front knee is above your ankle, ensuring your shin is perpendicular to the floor.



Common mistakes that can lead to injury are:

1. Taking a stance too wide so that the knee is behind the ankleknee1

2. Taking a stance that is too narrow with the knee beyond the ankleknee4

3. Collapsing the knee inwards, you should be able to see your big toe when you look down.


Importantly, you want to feel strong and stable in this pose. If you feel wobbly or like you will fall over, you’re doing it wrong – adjust your stance.

Once you have the foundations right, you can focus on energetically drawing the legs into the centre, drawing your thigh bones back into your hip socket. Lift up through the arches of your feet and draw energy up from your feet and legs. Lift up through your pelvic floor to maintain stability in this pose.

Monica xx