Favourite pose?

This changes week to week and month to month depending on my mood, emotional and body needs.
Right now I have spent far too much time at a computer studying Aerial Therapeutics with master trainer Renae Stevens, so I have been suffering from backache! My go-to pose has been a mixture of dangling (ragdoll), twisted dear pose and reclined butterfly with a heart opener. (I’m heavily into a yin phase right now!)

Why did you start doing yoga?

My yoga journey started when I was living in Ho Chi Minh City over 11 years ago. I went along with a friend to a yoga class and it was instant love. I had found a place of inclusive relief for the body and mind.

Why did you become a teacher?

I’ll be honest, I did somewhat fall into teaching. At the time I was an English teacher living in Vietnam and I headed into my first teacher training early on to deepen my own practice. Once I completed my training I was in an extraordinary position that I could teach right away as at the time the yoga scene was just taking off in Vietnam and I was encouraged to teach. I had the opportunity to teach in two different studios in the city along with teaching English teachers at their school and other ex-pats in their homes. It was a fabulous playground for me to practice my new craft.
I may have fallen into teaching yoga, but being a yoga teacher has been a game-changer for me. I wasn’t really any good as an English teacher since I am dyslexic! But I have a passion for teaching, and teaching yoga/movement/mindfulness is something I will want to do forever in some capacity. When I am able to invite a student to explore their limitations with an open mind it is wonderful to watch how they can make their yoga journey their own experience. Working with others in this way is a gift in itself.

How do you describe your teaching style?

Lighthearted, uplifting and engaging.

What has yoga taught you?

Yoga has been a never-ending journey of self-discovery for me. It has given me the gift of acceptance, trust, and helped me follow my intuition. At times when life has thrown curveballs, yoga has been there for me. It’s like a parent’s love for a child that never wavers, it’s a sense of stability.

What do you want your students to know?

I believe that mindful movement is a complement to everything in life and helps harness a sense of body and mind awareness which enables us to be more connected to ourselves and to others.
I also believe that once you have rolled out your mat you are already a winner for that day. Some days our yoga may look like 10 sun salutations followed by an array of energetic movements from pose to pose and some days it may look like you sit still with your eyes closed and breathe for a count of 3.