Check out our 3 Day Meditation Course 

23-25 November.

Our mind is all we have. Everything we ever experience is shaped by our minds. Our minds can make us miserable and our state of mind plays a huge role in the quality of our lives.

Many of us have tried meditation only to find it hard, boring or unable to stop thinking.

This is the trap that most of us fall into – we haven’t adequately prepared the mind for meditation.

There’s no instant off switch for the mind. But there are techniques to slowing down our thoughts before we start meditating.

In this unique 3 Day Course we will cut through ordinary thinking and experience higher states of consciousness through a combination of ancient yogic tradition and modern science.

+ delve into brainwave frequencies and their impact on our mental state

+ practice techniques to calm the mind before we start meditating

+ discover the power of our breath and how it affects our mental state

+ practice and find the right meditation technique for you

+ calm the mind and experience deep peace.

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