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Yoga Alchemy
with Monica Rottmann

Yoga Alchemy is a  7 month transformational coaching program focusing on the emotional and mental realms of yoga.

There is no asana, you will already have a regular asana practice.

It’s not a yoga teacher training, although you will emerge with a strong spiritual practice.

In this program you will:
  • Learn meditation to support your mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Discover the ancient philosophy of yoga and how to apply it to modern living

  • Build emotional awareness, sensitivity, acceptance

  • Understand your conscious and subconscious minds

  • Understand your beliefs, patterns and thought processes

  • Develop greater congruence between your conscious and subconscious minds

  • Align your head, heart and soul

  • Awaken awareness

  • Discover your true nature

  • Find the courage and freedom to live your life on purpose
When we address our underlying emotions, our head and heart align. When we’re aligned, lasting change and transformation are possible.

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