Yoga Alchemy

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Yoga Alchemy
with Monica Rottmann

“Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained”

Yoga Alchemy is a 9 month transformational coaching program that parallels the journey of the caterpillar into the butterfly.

For the caterpillar to transform into the butterfly, it must go into the darkness of the cocoon. For the caterpillar, this is the dark night of the soul. It is alone, in the dark, forced to face itself with no clear way out.

This journey has many parallels with our yoga practice.

We start the yoga journey full of hope and excitement and we enjoy moving and stretching our body. We can see and FEEL the changes taking shape.

The process of yoga starts with physical changes but after some months of practice, our emotional baggage comes to the surface.

It’s at this point that our yoga practice loses some of its light/gloss and becomes darker. It can be hard to see the light when we’re deep in the mud of our own emotions, patterns and behaviours.

We’ve awoken something in ourselves that feels uncomfortable, and were not sure how to navigate through this darkness.

Yoga is a process of inner transformation and like the butterfly, at some point in our practice, we need to go into our dark cocoon in preparation for our transformation. While the concept of transforming into a butterfly is glamorous, the bit where we fall apart in the dark cocoon is deeply unconfortable and can push us to our emotional limits.

I’ve spent a few years in the dark cocoon, sifting through my emotional realm, observing my patterns, healing trauma and being brutally honest with myself.

Yoga Alchemy is designed to help you navigate this potent and often missing aspect of our yoga practice – the inner work.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”- Socrates

This 9 month mentoring program is a combination of in-person events, online group lessons and individual coaching.

Transformation is a slow process and if we rush it we will only be forced to go back. Butterflies who are helped out of the cocoon too early usually die because they were denied the opportunity to strengthen their wings and now cannot fly.

This program is for people who are genuinely interested in exploring their inner landscape and cultivating a relationship with themselves.

There is no asana, it is assumed you already have a regular asana practice.

In this program you will:

  • Discover your true nature
  • Build emotional awareness, sensitivity, acceptance
  • Understand your conscious mind and unconscious mind
  • Understand your beliefs, patterns and thought processes
  • Awaken awareness
  • Know thyself.

A caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis into a butterfly as a parallel for the spiritual journey of yogaThe reason most personal development work fails is because it doesn’t address our underlying emotions, fears and beliefs.This program will go deep and uncover the darker things we have suppressed so that we can bring it to our conscious awareness.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung

More information on Yoga Alchemy dates, curriculum and price will be revealed in November.

There are only 15 places in this Program. It will be run again in 2021.

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