Yoga Alchemy

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Yoga Alchemy is a seven month transformational coaching program.

A unique program for spiritual and personal development.

It’s not a yoga teacher training; there’s no certificate to be gained. Yoga Alchemy will bring more depth, authenticity and confidence to your teaching.

This isn’t about the physical yoga poses, so there’s no expectation that you will have an advanced yoga practice. The only pre-requisite is that you have been practising yoga regularly for at least six months.

Yoga Alchemy is the inner journey to answer the call of your soul.

Yoga Alchemy is healing from the inside where we get to the root cause of anxiety, unease and inner turmoil rather than managing or masking the symptoms. When we get to the bottom of what’s holding us back, genuine healing is possible.

It is deep inner work and is not for the dabblers or feint-hearted.

Expect your life and your relationship with yourself to seriously change. The result will be nothing short of a miracle.

When we address our underlying emotions, our head and heart align.
When we’re aligned, lasting change and transformation are possible. You will get the tools, coaching and support to do the deep internal work to align your heart, mind and soul.
Yoga Alchemy transforms our wounds into wisdom and grace.

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