Unstuck – a Masterclass on Nervous System Healing

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Unstuck – a Masterclass on Nervous System Healing

with Monica Rottmann

Ekka Public Holiday
Wednesday 14 August

$344 full price

$86 for VIP Annual Members

Chronic stress can leave our nervous system stuck in survival mode, leading to a range of symptoms like:
  • >> chronic pain and muscle tension
  • >> insomnia
  • >> low energy, exhaustion and fatigue
  • >> constant worry and anxiety
  • >> always feeling on edge or hypervigilant
  • >> chronic procrastination
  • >> inability to focus or complete tasks
This masterclass with Monica will delve into the role the nervous system plays in our experience of chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue and other stress-related conditions.
Combining theory and practice, it will provide a science-based approach to nervous system healing that uses polyvagal theory to understand the mind-body connection.

This masterclass will help you discover:

  • >> the science of nervous system healing and how your nervous system has become dysregulated
  • >> polyvagal theory and the mind-body connection
  • >> how stress shows up in your body and brain
  • >> how emotions and trauma are stored in the body, and how to free your body from this pain and stress
  • >> how you can become unstuck, soothe your nervous system, and boost your physical and mental health
So that you can reduce stress and anxiety, build resilience in your nervous system, manage your physical symptoms, and feel more confident in handling life’s ups and downs.

If you feel frozen or stuck in a state of chronic stress,

If you have trouble sleeping,

If you have constant worry and anxiety,

If you’re a “pro” at procrastination,

If you have trouble feeling your emotions,

If you are battling chronic pain,

If you’re constantly exhausted, burnt out and have no energy,

Then, you’ll want to learn the theory (what + why) and put it into practice (how) to become unstuck and think, feel, and live better.


In this unique Masterclass you will learn:

  • >> how to discern your nervous system state
  • >> the window of tolerance and building resilience
  • >> somatic tools to create safety in the body and nervous system
  • >> how to unwind the psoas
  • >> emotional release
  • >> why self-compassion is the secret to healing
  • >> a way to meditate that’s simple and doable.

This Masterclass is for you if you experience stress, anxiety, chronic pain or fatigue.

It’s for people interested in doing the inner work to heal themselves.

This Masterclass won’t give you a quick fix or an instant result.

Rather, it is a very distilled version of the deep work we do in Yoga Alchemy (which is on hold due to Monica’s health).

This Masterclass will help you understand the mind-body connection, the nervous system, why symptoms occur, what triggers are, how we can resource ourselves, and tools for self-regulation and emotional processing.

This Masterclass is not for you if you are currently in acute distress, if you need 1/1 support or if you feel anxious in a group setting (there will be up to 24 people).

Men are welcome to attend, but they must be comfortable in a female-led and female-dominated environment where there will likely be discussions about issues that women face.

This is a one-off Masterclass that won’t be recorded or repeated soon.

If you have been on the waitlist for Yoga Alchemy or have wanted to work with Monica, this Masterclass is a must.

Refund and cancellation policy


  • If you provide 72 hours notice of cancellation, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, we will credit you for future workshops or yoga memberships ONLY IF WE CAN FILL YOUR PLACE.

No refunds will be given if less than 72 hours notice is given, and no credit will be given if we can’t fill your place.


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