Rest Back + Calm Your Mind

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Rest Back + Calm Your Mind


with Cat Pham + Nicole Sanders

Friday 2 June 6.30pm-9pm

Slow down, rest back from the busyness of life and tend to your spine to bring greater ease to body and mind.

When anxious or stressed, we tense our bodies without even realizing it. Prolonged stress or anxiety can lead to pain and muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck and head.

Nicole and Cat will guide you through a combination of breathwork, gentle movement and postures coupled with the use of a supportive foam prop – known as BackMitra®.

This unique workshop will relieve muscle tension, improve spinal health and bring balance to your nervous system.

The BackMitra foam strip aids the re-alignment of the natural curves of the spine and helps create more space and ease in the body – promoting a profound relaxation response in the nervous system.

Additional benefits of the BackMitra include:

  • Relief from headaches, tension in scalp, jaw and face
  • Relaxation of spinal, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Expanded breath capacity

To fully integrate the benefits, there’ll be an opportunity for deep rest in a sound healing experience.

No Yoga experience is necessary for this workshop.

Everybody is Welcome.

If you enjoy yin, this workshop may be for you!

Refund + Cancellation Policy


If you provide 72 hours’ notice of cancellation, you will receive a full refund. If less than 72 hours’ notice is provided, you will receive a credit for a future workshop ONLY if we can fill your place.


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