Mandala Vinyasa & Meditation

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Mandala Vinyasa & Meditation
with Louise Webster

Sunday 16 February

$60 – Direct Debit and 6/12 Month Members use your discount codes to save 10/20%

A Mandala simply translated means ‘circle’ or ‘completion’. On a deeper level it is considered a sacred container that is a window into the inner self, allowing reflection and cultivation of the understanding that nothing is permanent.

This 3.5hr Mandala Immersion allows space for you to explore Mandalas and connect to your internal wisdom as well as the universal wisdom.

We will be creating a sacred space where we will meditate through movement, creation and contemplation that opens the channels for transformation and healing.

You will:

  • Learn more about Mandalas,their meaning and purpose
  • Experience a Mandala Vinyasa that integrates spiral patterns of nature and circular movements with our bodies as we travel around the four corners of our mats
  • Express your inner Mandala through the creation of a mandala pattern of your choice using coloured rice

Join Louise in this unique immersion to experience more and perhaps deeper aspects of yourself, to connect and settle into a place of harmony and wholeness.

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