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Foundations of Emotional Mastery

with Monica Rottmann
FREE Online Workshop

Sunday 12 December 10-11am
There’s no formal education on how to deal with our emotions.
Conventional wisdom tells us to just “get over” our negative emotions, “let it go”, or think positively.
Avoiding and suppressing our emotions doesn’t make them go away. Instead, these uncomfortable feelings stay in our subconscious mind, and we experience them as tension, unease and anxiety.
Emotional mastery is not about controlling our emotions. Nor is it about only feeling the positive emotions.
Emotional mastery is about consciously experiencing our emotions to use our emotions to our advantage instead of being a victim of strong emotions and bad moods.
If you’re sensitive or empathic, learning to feel and express your emotions will turn your sensitivity into a gift.
In this free online workshop with Monica, you will learn:
  • Why feeling our emotions is important
  • How to feel our feelings without overwhelm
  • Tools to deal with emotional distress
  • The emotional spectrum
  • Why we feel numb and what to do about it.
Register for this online workshop, and if you can’t attend live, you will receive a recording.


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