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Emotional Mastery
with Monica Rottmann

5 Week Online Course

Monday 10 January – Thursday 10 February

Calling all sensitives, empaths and seekers looking to gain mastery of their inner state. Our emotions are energy in motion, and they can easily get the better of us if we lack the skills to master them.

If you feel emotionally stuck or numb, if you can’t find joy, and if you overreact, this course is for you.

In five weeks you will learn that our emotions are messengers and how changing our relationship with our emotions and having the skills to feel them and process them helps us to master our inner state.

Being sensitive or empathic needn’t be a curse; learning how to manage our energy and emotions can be our gift.

Our inner state and how we feel influence both our thoughts and actions. And if we’ve been hurt or experienced trauma, our inner state can be confusing, overwhelming or stuck in the freeze response.

Our emotions and trauma are stored in the body which is why somatic practices that move our emotions through our body are so effective at healing our wounds. This course will take us out of our head and into our body and help our nervous system to move out of the freeze response into a more resourceful state.

If you want to feel calm and in control, if you want to expand your emotional range to experience more joy, excitement and happiness, if you want to embrace your sensitivity and empathy as a gift, then join Monica for this 5-week exploration into our inner emotional realm.


+ The Nervous system, trauma and the freeze response

+ Storing, suppressing and expressing our emotions, emotional release techniques

+ Boundaries, energy leaks + emotional self-care

+ Survival skills for empaths and sensitives to protect and clear your energy

+ Emotional range, polarity and integrating masculine and feminine energies

Important: This workshop will get you in touch with your feelings. It is not suitable for people currently experiencing acute distress. It’s designed for people who are in a reasonably stable emotional state but want to heal their past and feel more comfortable and in control of their feelings.

Please email us if you have any questions.



This is an online course with all sessions presented live rather than being pre-recorded.

Monday night lecture 7pm – 8.15 pm online via zoom

Wednesday Q+A and support 12pm-1pm via zoom

Thursday night emotional release practice sessions 7pm – 8pm via zoom.


Early bird rate if purchased in 2021 $320.

Full price $488.

Direct Debit + 3 or 6 Month Members save 20%

About Monica

Monica is a skilled holder of space, and her courses are transformative.

She is an expert teacher, sensitive to group dynamics and supports you with compassion and without judgement.

Monica has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (psychology), is a Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach,   and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

Working with Monica feels safe and consistent. Monica is professional yet personable and grounded, which made me feel comfortable talking to her about anything that I was thinking or feeling, without stressing about whether I was burdening her with my ‘drama’. I also felt like she really understood me, which is a feeling I have rarely (if ever) had before when seeking support. She creates a space where it feels safe to share all the thoughts and feelings that I’d usually keep to myself, in a way that leaves you feeling heard and seen without feeling broken or ashamed.”

“Monica was there to support and guide me. I know she’s got my back, and that she’s also done the work, and is living proof of the efficacy of doing the work. I trust Monica, and I was grateful to know she was supporting me no matter what to evolve and grow.”

“It is great being supported by Monica. She is very clear in presenting the course material and patient in supporting you to understand the theory, embrace the concepts and apply the tools to the situations in your life.  Monica is generous of her time and energy and is dedicated to helping you achieve the change that you want in your life, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet.”

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